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Prepare for Health Care Costs in Retirement

John Zezini

As you save and invest for retirement, what are your ultimate goals? Do you plan on traveling the world? Purchasing a vacation home? Pursuing your hobbies? People often think and plan for these costs. Yet, too often, many of us overlook what potentially could be a major expense during our retirement years: health care. By […]

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Financial focus: Take steps to protect your family business

John Zezini

There’s nothing more important in the world to you than your family. However, your family-owned business probably comes in second. So when it comes to protecting both your family and your business, you need to carefully consider your moves. As you know, you face plenty of challenges to keep your business running smoothly — but […]

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How will your investments affect your child’s financial aid prospects?

John Zezini

Even though it’s only February, college financial aid officers are already gathering documents, crunching numbers and otherwise working to determine grants for the school year that starts this coming fall. If you have children you plan on sending to college, how will your own savings and investments affect their chances of getting financial aid? The […]

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Financial focus: Use ‘tax diversification’ to help manage retirement income

John Zezini

You need to save and invest as much as possible to pay for the retirement lifestyle you’ve envisioned. But your retirement income also depends, to a certain degree, on how your retirement funds are taxed. And that’s why you may be interested in tax diversification. To understand the concept of tax diversification, you’ll need to […]

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Financial focus: Assumptions can be dangerous to investors

John Zezini

Every day of our lives, we make assumptions. We assume that the people we encounter regularly will behave in the manner to which we are accustomed. We assume that if we take care of our cars, they will get us to where we want to go. In fact, we need to make assumptions to bring […]

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Have you started taking your RMDs?

John Zezini

Throughout your career, you have been working hard to save in one or more retirement accounts. Then, once you retire, you’ll have some new decisions to make. But one choice has already been made for you: the age at which you must start taking withdrawals, or “distributions.” It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with […]

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Financial focus: What does the debt ceiling resolution mean to investors?

John Zezini

After plenty of haggling, and a fair amount of political theater, Congress reached a last-minute agreement to raise the debt ceiling and end the partial government shutdown. Most people would agree that a fully functioning government that can pay its bills on time is a positive thing — and it’s certainly good news for investors, […]

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