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Margaret Thatcher makes time for Larry Bassham

In the course of his career at Aerojet, Larry Bassham met a lot of important people, including Ronald Reagan, who only ate pie at lunch. His favorite such story is the April 2, 1990, briefing to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who hates formal presentations, preferring to talk to the presenter across a table. Bassham […]

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Star Wars architect recalls ‘Rocket Ranch’

STAR WARS architect Larry Bassham reminisces about his time working on missile defense systems at Aerojet. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

Like many original El Dorado Hills residents Larry Bassham can put that awesome “Aerojet — It IS rocket science” bumper sticker on his car. Bassham, who retired 10 years ago and lives with his wife Donna, worked at the “Rocket Ranch” in an atypical role. His largest contributions were in knocking missiles down rather than blowing […]

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Human butchers, ghastly clowns take over Town Center hotel

UST PLAIN CREEPY —Sakya Patel, 15, above, is the main dish at a dinner hosted by Chase Hester, 16, left, and Megan Martorana, 15. The El Dorado Hills teens do their best to creep out guests at the H4H Hotel in Town Center. Village Life photo by Pat Dollins

This Village Life investigative report demonstrates that evil has influenced our youth, turning them into demented zombies that lurk in dark cellar corners beneath Town Center and await victims of some bizarre blood sport. This matter should be of the gravest concern to all families. El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Debbie Manning seemed […]

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Seniors fear empty tables at lunch sites

El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting talks with seniors at the El Dorado Hills Senior Center. Nutting said he hopes to save the county's Senior Nutrition Program. Village Life photo by Mike Roberts

Five senior lunch sites, including one in El Dorado Hills, could end up on the budgetary chopping block. The proposed cuts are a starting point in Human Services Department budget negotiations scheduled Nov. 3. El Dorado County Chief Administrative Officer Gayle Erbe-Hamlin, searching for ways to shave $11 million from the county’s $450 million budget, has […]

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