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Aging and your health: It doesn’t have to be a midlife crisis

In between hectic work schedules, visits with the family and volunteering at church, women in their 40s and 50s need to relax … and see their doctor. Many health issues pop up during these years and, according to Marshall Medical family medicine Dr. Steve Uzelac, having regular check-ups is the best way for women to […]

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Essure offers peace of mind

Permanent birth control procedure is safe, effective Women reaching a time in their lives when they know they don’t want any more (or any) children have many options — some extreme and some, like Essure, less shocking to the body. Essure, a permanent sterilization procedure performed in doctors’ offices and operating rooms, requires little anesthesia, […]

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Marshall’s new Birth Place will pamper mom & baby

Marshall Medical Center’s doctors and nurses who work at The Birth Place have always been of the highest caliber. Soon, the facility where they work will enjoy the same reputation. Imagine moving from a 4,000-square-foot building built in 1957 into a 17,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility built just for you. It’s almost as joyous as having a […]

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Keep on movin’ and your body won’t let you down

Joint pain and problems don’t discriminate. They attack men and women, according to orthopaedic surgeon Antony R. Boody M.D. Ladies, be on your guard. The joints and bones you have are the only ones you get. Joint problems like knee pain can begin as early as the teenage years, said Dr. Boody, who works at the Western Sierra […]

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People Talk: What was your impression of the final Harry Potter movie?

Sarah Garcia, Rancho Cordova "I was a bit speechless the first time I saw it. I think it wrapped up the series really well."

Mackenzie Harrison, El Dorado Hills “I liked how Harry finally figured out that he had a part of Voldemort in him. He took the honor of letting himself die for his friends.” Stephanie Shaltes, Folsom “I found it to be the most entertaining of all the movies … the best.” Ann-Marie Shaltes, Folsom “I was […]

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It’s ‘Curtains’ for you

WHODUNIT? That's what Lt. Frank Cioffi (Matt Surges, 20), standing holding the magnifying glass, must find out in "Curtains." His list of suspects include Niki Harris (Heather Clark, 20) and Georgia Hendricks (Katherine Sorgea, 20), seated left to right, as well as Oscar Shapiro (Braiden Wells, 18), Carmen Bernstein (Helen Regula, 17),  Christopher Belling (Alex Levy, 17), Aaron Fox (Chris Meissner, 17) and Sidney Bernstein (Asher Dubin, 17), standing left to right. Courtesy photo

Whodunit? That’s what musical-loving police Lt. Frank Cioffi must find out in El Dorado Musical Theatre’s latest production. “Curtains” combines murder with musical theater and leads the lieutenant on quite possibly the strangest investigation he’s ever encountered. Not only must he find out who killed “Robbin’ Hood of the Old West’s” untalented leading lady, Jessica Cranshaw, […]

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Spencer and Corinna make a stylish splash at Nationals

GRACEFUL LEFT — Corinna Jacobs hoists synchronized swimming partner Spencer Gates into the air during their performance at nationals. Courtesy photo

Three things all synchronized swimmers need: grace, stamina and gelatin (yes, you read that right). Just ask Oak Ridge students Spencer Gates, 15, and Corinna Jacobs, 16. The Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team members and coach Kristin Walton came home from the USA Synchronized Swimming Age Group Nationals 2011 held earlier this month in Federal Way, Wash., with an […]

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