Dennis Amatulli creates big smiles

Dennis Amatulli recently opened Infusion Dental Arts in El Dorado Hills where he creates crowns and bridges, implants, veneers, porcelain restorations and more. Village Life photo by Pat Dollins

For Dennis Amatulli, CDT, being a dental technician isn’t about producing beautiful smiles, it’s about creating them.

“To me, making dental restorations is an art. It’s something you create with your hands,” Amatulli said.

Amatulli graduated with his German Dental Certification from Otto-Umfried School in Nürtingen, Germany, in 1995. After graduation, he worked with many well-known dentists and dental technicians in southern Germany, In 2008, he and his wife Melanie decided to immigrate to the United States where they settled first in Folsom and then in Rescue.

“It was a difficult transition at first, but in the end we gained a lot,” Amatulli said. “There isn’t snow and bad weather here like there is in Germany, and there are a lot more choices for outdoor activities. Since then we’ve made a lot of new friends and bonded with them. It was the best decision we’ve ever made.”

After the move, Amatulli began working at Uwe Brosamle Dental Studio in El Dorado Hills where he became manager and head ceramist; however, he always dreamed of owning his own laboratory. After Melanie was diagnosed with and overcame breast cancer a few years ago, they decided it was time to make his dream come true.

“You gain a lot of strength when you go through something like that,” Amatulli said. “For me, opening my own business was a big step but if we could get through something like that, something like this shouldn’t be getting in my way.”

Thanks to the help of friend John Tamplin, owner of Seafloor Systems Inc. who also lives in Rescue, Amatulli opened Infusion Dental Arts in January. Located at 4944 Windplay Drive, Suite 201, in El Dorado Hills, Infusion Dental Arts offers the latest and greatest in dental restorations, including crowns and bridges, implants, veneers, porcelain restorations and more. Amatulli currently does all of the work himself and says he wants to keep his lab small — like a little family.

“At a lot of bigger labs, it’s more like a production company,” Amatulli explained. “I couldn’t work that way. Everything I do is artwork to me. I talk to dentists directly so I know exactly what they want. Being small also allows me to control the amount of work that I do. The fewer the projects I do, the more time I can spend on each to make sure they’re exactly right. The outcome is different. You can see the difference between products created at a small lab versus a bigger one.”

Amatulli uses only the best products for his restorations and also invites patients to visit his office so he can get the shading and tooth shape of his dental restorations just right. He says it all comes back to his passion for what he does.

“Creating dental restorations shouldn’t be a job where you spend eight hours a day manufacturing something, it should be a job where you enjoy what you do,” Amatulli said. “After all, it is the passion for what you do that defines the quality and results of your work.”

For more information about Infusion Dental Arts visit infusiondental.com or call (916) 941-9974 or (916) 724-9096.

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