People Talk – How’s the quality of life in Cameron Park?

Barbara Menefee, Cameron Park “€œI love Cameron Park. It’s quiet and the schools are good. The police and fire services are great.”

Barbara Menefee, Cameron Park “€œI love Cameron Park. It’€™s quiet and the schools are good. The police and fire services are great.”€

Cori Mensing, Shingle Springs “€œI enjoy the personal aspect of this community. Working here at the salon I’€™ve met all sorts of people, and lots of local business owners. Everyone’€™s really nice, and the small business community is very supportive. The biggest threat here is that the place is so special that it attracts people who want to leverage its small-town feel. I don’€™t want to sacrifice quality for quantity.”€

Damon Henenger, Cameron Park “€œI’€™ve lived in the county for 30 years. I enjoy the urban benefits of Sacramento without having to live there. That’€™s the big thing about Cameron Park for me. I feel protected from the big threats to my quality of life. The law enforcement and fire service we get here are some of the best in the country, in my opinion.”

Ken Santoro, Cameron Park “€œOn a scale of 1 to 5, I’€™d give Cameron Park a 4.5. The quality of life is phenomenal. The biggest threat to that might be poor planning. Cameron Park needs to decide what it wants to be. Growth can be good or bad. Good planning determines that. We’€™ve got a rails/trails controversy going on, and they all come in here any no one’€™s gotten hurt. We’€™re small enough here that we can work together cooperatively.”

Kim Yeary, Cameron Park “€œWe were robbed last week, so I’€™m a little concerned about the quality of life right now. This is a sleepy little place, but when your car gets broken into in front of your house it loses some of its charm. The other threat is the cost of living here, specifically the high utility rates. But overall, the landscaping and natural amenities they planned out 50 years ago give the place a real nice feel … like you’re on the way to Lake Tahoe. The airpark is also very unique, and contributes to the quality of life here.”

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