Redistricting could mix Cameron Park with El Dorado Hills

The county’s recent “redistricting road shows” laid out goals for the upcoming redistricting process, specifically the boundaries of El Dorado County’s five supervisorial districts should be as close in population as possible all the while respecting the ever-evolving but loosely defined “communities of interest,” including Cameron Park.

El Dorado County Chief Assistant County Counsel Ed Knapp said he’d like to see less than 1 percent variance between districts.

The two most obvious problems with the current district alignment lie at eastern and western borders of the county.

Supervisor Ray Nutting’s District 2 includes the southern portion of El Dorado Hills and much of the rural south county. It needs to shrink by 8,000 residents.

El Dorado Hills activist John Hidahl suggested that the county’s two western districts should be made up of El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park, both of which are residential communities with a lot more in common with each other than the western slope’s rural communities.

Another El Dorado Hills activist, Paul Raveling, has crafted three alternate maps. Two slice the county in concentric circles emanating out from El Dorado Hills. Raveling’s maps isolate two-fifths of the county population into two western districts, but differ in how they slice up that population.

Raveling Alternatives 1 and 3 (there is no alternative 2) are El Dorado Hills-centric, with southern and eastern portions of El Dorado Hills lumped in with a Cameron Park-centric District 2.

His Alternative 4 slices the two westerly districts from east to west, bisecting El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park into a northerly District 1 and a southerly District 2 which also includes Shingle Springs.

All three of Raveling’s maps have identical boundaries for Districts 3, 4, and 5. District 3 includes Diamond Springs, Coloma-Lotus and Georgetown. District 4 includes Placerville, Camino and Pollock Pines. His District 5 includes the Tahoe Basin and the western slope ranch communities.

Interim Cameron Park Community Services District General Manager Rusty Dupray was the District 1 supervisor during the previous redistricting process in 2001. He reviewed the alternatives and responded favorably to Raveling’s Alternative 4.

“In my experience it’s a bonus to have two strong supervisors representing the community,” he said. “This gives El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park two supervisors each.”

Of the five county maps, Dupray preferred Alternative 3, which places Cameron Park and the easterly neighborhoods of El Dorado Hills into District 2.

Raveling’s maps can be found at www.sierrafoot.org/civics/bos_redistricting/pr_bos_redistricting_maps.html.

The county’s maps can be found at http://www.co.el-dorado.ca.us/Government/Redistricting/Redistricting_Maps.aspx.

The five alternatives will be presented to the El Dorado County Board or Supervisors in late June or July.

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