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EID board votes to support small farms

EDITOR: The EID board voted 3-2 at a contentious board meeting on July 14 to continue to support the small farm water rate with “qualified” livestock added to the mix. The comments by the farming community were interesting: Dr. Robert Shuman: “Farming is the music of life.” My question for Dr. Shuman is: “Do you really […]

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Promises, promises at EID

EDITOR: We become too accustomed to the politician who breaks his or her promises. It seems to be a fixed quality of the species. When new EID board member Dale Coco ran for office, he promised to “stop runaway rate increases.” Mr. Coco had firmly proposed to freeze rates for five years. I believed what he […]

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Coco’s campaign promises

EDITOR: Are we headed toward debt reduction with Dale Coco? I do recall the campaign promises of Mr. Dale Coco. One of those was to cut the agency’s $370 million debt. Does that sound like a large amount for a county of our size? Mr. Coco stated it was far out-of-line and reported he had “studied […]

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It is NOT a subsidy!

EDITOR: At Monday’s (July 14)EID Board meeting countless farmers of all sizes repeatedly and abundantly made clear that the price they pay for the EID water they use is NOT subsidized. Okay. The subsidized facts are now known to all. But, if you walked into the grocery store and bought a gallon bottle of drinking […]

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Pradaling about with small farms

EDITOR: If you went to grocery store A and purchased five apples for $1 each you spent $5 for five apples. If you went to grocery store B and spent $1.25 for four apples and received the fifth one free you still spent $5 for five apples. Mr. Prada would complain that grocery store B is […]

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Shane’s Village is grateful

EDITOR: What an amazing community we have! We had over 45 Shane’s Village volunteers show for the El Dorado Hills Jubilee KidZone on July 3. Shane was so proud because we sold over 400 tickets to the KidZone area in just 3.5 hours! We’re still gathering numbers from the other vendors that opted to give our […]

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Fake “small farms” steal from residential EID customers

EDITOR: Poor EID polices have exacerbated the severe drought in El Dorado County. As 35,000 EID residential customers sacrifice vegetation at their homes to reduce water consumption to meet drought goals, EID moves to further relax criteria for the discounted “small farm” water category. This seems like very bad policy in light that two studies […]

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