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What do we know about Alan Day?

EDITOR: I am confused by the recent attacks against EID and more importantly against Harry Norris. My wife and I have been very active in this community for over 25 years. Harry Norris was one of the first individuals I met when I moved here. His honesty and work ethic has been beyond reproach. He […]

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Pooch Plunge a tail-wagging success

EDITOR: It was ‘Dogs Gone Wild’ Aug. 20 at the third annual Pooch Plunge at Cameron Park Lake, sponsored by El Dorado Dog Owners Guild and the Cameron Park Community Services District. Attendance was high as 161 dogs from 16 surrounding communities did a fantastic job running, jumping and splashing their way to another fun-filled, […]

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A new ‘Day’ for EID?

On Oct. 11 Harry Norris and EID’s board again reviewed General Manager Abercrombie’s proposed 28 percent residential water rate increase for 2012. There was a lot of bickering by different board members over which ratepayer segments should receive preferential rate breaks … but neither Harry or anyone else said “enough is enough, let’s truly cut […]

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Please address the public’s concerns

EDITOR: A letter to the CSD Board of Directors: It has been almost four months since Mr. Skeel was placed on administrative leave.  Certainly in this amount of time a reasonable board could come up with reasonable goals for a man who they selected above all others less than a year earlier. At the CSD […]

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Harry Norris vs. Alan Day for EID Division 5 director

We need to re-elect Harry Norris as our EID Division 5 director unless Alan Day can tell us very specifically what he can do better. Harry Norris’ record continues to demonstrate a focus on reality and responsibility to ratepayers. Elected in November 2003, he joined the EID board in 2004. Then, its planning was still guided by […]

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Off-beat sports need support

Surprisingly, there are sports out there that are more exciting to watch than the common ones. Let’s take rugby, basketball, soccer and wrestling, and put it in a pool. Doesn’t that sound fun to watch? I think Oak Ridge needs to pay less attention to mainstream sports like football and basketball. Our schools would have […]

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Don’t be ridiculous, Mr. Publisher

EDITOR: Mr. Esposito, What a ridiculous column you have written and published in the Village Life Sept. 28. I have never read such out of context, biassed views in a local newspaper from its publisher. Your column is totally out of order. You have cited one opinion piece in a journal. That would be like […]

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