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Surprised by EID water/sewer rates

I moved to El Dorado County in June, and like to follow Letters to the Editor in my local paper. So I was aware of some controversy regarding the EID and water rates, from the point of view both of its critics and its defenders. But nothing hit home like opening my first water/sewer bill […]

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EID sewer rates threaten restaurant survival

EDITOR: El Dorado Irrigation District’s latest rate hikes have been particularly harsh on area restaurants, which now often pay seven times as much for their EID sewer bills as they do for water; $12,000 annual EID bills now are not uncommon and are a hefty load on thin margin small businesses struggling to survive. EID […]

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EDH farmers market alive and well

EDITOR: This is a reply to the letter from a Jerry Ann Campbell: Ms. Campbell, please return to the Farmers Market at Town Center. All of the hardworking farmers that you admire are there. The “Certified Farmers Market” has been placed at the other side of the Town Center Boulevard. bridge, while the “Vendors Market” […]

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Farmers Market is gone

EDITOR: Congratulations to the merchants of Town Center in successfully replacing the Farmers Market with a Craft Faire while the sign still states “Farmers Market,” which it is not. Now we can all go else where to buy the fresh produce we thought we would find as usual. These were hard working farmers, many coming […]

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A special thank you from El Dorado Hills Florist

We have stood on your steps and rang your doorbells for 24 years. We are the quiet messenger between your friends, family and lovers. Rarely do we need to use Mapquest, knowing your neighborhoods and businesses by heart. We have handed you your wedding bouquets and pinned on your boutonnieres, delivered you some cheer, get […]

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Solution to high school boundaries issue

EDITOR: With regard to the dilemma that some Serrano residents are facing with high school boundaries, there is a simple, cost saving solution. Instead of three school districts in El Dorado Hills (Rescue, Buckeye and El Dorado Union High School), why not have just one district for our community? We’d be eliminating redundant administration costs […]

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Celebrating Independence Day in El Dorado Hills

EDITOR: This year on July 3 I attended the Town Center Fireworks Jubilee with my Boy Scout troop.┬áThere were thousands of people at the celebration and it looked like they all had fun. Independence Day, or Fourth of July, is a holiday that I think a lot of people misunderstand. For many it is just […]

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