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A facility worth building

A strong community/law enforcement relationship begins with a strong and respected sheriff’s department. A strong and respected sheriff’s department begins with good leadership and unity. We have been impressed with Sheriff John D’Agostini’s leadership since he took office and he’s never lost sight of that goal of unity. This week the El Dorado County Board of […]

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Ask a care manger: Mental health awareness

Mental health awareness is a vital part of a healthy community.  Issues surrounding mental health are pervasive amongst all demographics and should not be overlooked as we age.  The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 20 percent of the aging population is struggling with some type of mental health disorder and these numbers are likely […]

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Crib Notes: Keep calm and show some respect

Pray for Orlando. Pray for Dallas. If not one city, tragedy strikes somewhere else on a monthly, now nearly daily, basis. Perhaps we should pray for our youth — that they will find a better way to rebuild our broken nation once they are in charge. This may be too tall an order since many children today […]

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EID needs new board members

EDITOR: In El Dorado Irrigation District Director Greg Prada’s rejection of EID’s annual audit he committed two violations of reason. First, he pulled out fragments of data, embellished some and reached conclusions inconsistent with the audit’s financial results. Then he insisted the audit needed to break out certain detailed data by enterprise instead of summarizing overall […]

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My Turn: The enemy among us

The following remarks were delivered on the House floor by Congressman Tom McClintock on June 15 Mr. Speaker: The terrorist attack on Orlando should bring into sharp focus the growing threat our nation faces from Islamic terrorism. Although Islam is a religion, it is often accompanied by a poisonous political ideology that is antithetical to […]

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Jefferson movement and the Brits

EDITOR: It didn’t take long for many of us to recognize the parallels between the Brit’s win for independence from the European Union and the efforts to separate from the state of California, by residents in 21 northern, rural counties. Brits, like Jefferson supporters, feel they have been over-regulated, lost their economic freedom and independence. It […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Letting go is a smart move

I’ve recently run across the phrase “let go” or “letting go” a lot. The idea of letting go comforts me. When I think about letting go it reminds me of the phrase “out with the old, in with the new.” Letting go can also hurt deeply. When my stroke struck 18 months ago, I realized I would have […]

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