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Another Obama Administration mistake?

EDITOR We were told that the Ebola virus was not highly contagious a month ago. Our president and his administration did not take the threat to our national health seriously. While African countries stopped air traffic from West Africa, we did nothing. Now we know that Ebola is a deadly infectious disease with a 70 percent fatality […]

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Private practice: When a dog bites

In California, dog owners who are found legally liable for bites inflicted by their dogs will be responsible for the victim’s “damages.” These damages typically include medical expenses, lost income, physical disability and emotional distress. Liability for the dog’s actions can attach even without a showing of the dog’s prior propensity to bite. Under California […]

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Yes on N? No!

EDITOR: Measure N was put on the ballot by a builders group from Sacramento that wants to dictate where our local road funds are spent so (builders) don’t have to pay so much in road mitigation fees for their developments. At the May 13, 2014, El Dorado County Board of Supervisor meeting, Supervisor Brian Veerkamp stated that […]

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Measures M, N & O won’t work

EDITOR: Last week’s letter from Cheryl McDougal showed her naiveté about the local political scene. Let’s start with the people who worked so hard with the county to generate the California State required General Plan five-year update; 300 of your friends and neighbors (including me) spent endless hours working to update the General Plan to bring […]

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NO on Proposition 46

EDITOR: To our valued patients and members of the community, I wanted to share my opinion about an important topic up for vote this election day, and to urge you to vote no on Proposition 46. As the CEO of Marshall Medical Center, I can tell you how diligently we work to make healthcare accessible […]

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Unintended consequences

There are three complicated growth measures, M, N and O on the Nov. 4 ballot; each would amend the El Dorado County General Plan. State planning law requires every county to adopt and maintain a blueprint for development throughout the county: a general plan. This general plan is the county’s basic planning document and is […]

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Senior news: October 2014

Many to thank for Oktoberfest It takes lots of volunteers to pull off a party with more than 200 people in attendance! The Senior’s Oktoberfest Luncheon was just a fantastic event. The Senior Center’s Senior Council works very hard to put on these events for us. Thanks to those of you who worked in the kitchen, […]

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