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Coco is the candidate with depth

EDITOR: On Tuesday, Nov. 5, there will be an election for the EID Board of Directors for Divisions 2 and 4. As all Californians know, our history shows that water is thicker than blood. In addition to future rate hikes, there are many other factors that affect our water supply and quality. For those of […]

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Facts from the road

Before reading another word please understand that the El Dorado County General Plan has NO time limit, it will run as long as it takes to build the units required by the plan and by the state. El Dorado County’s state-approved growth rate is 1.03 percent. In other words, it may take 35 or more […]

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Choose the better candidate

This November’s El Dorado Irrigation District election involves questions of judgment and insight, not only for candidates but also for the public. The most recent example is the meaning of support of two candidates by a Political Action Committee, El Dorado County Farmers, Businesses and Homebuilders for Responsible Water Policy. The PAC member with the […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Ageless joy is certainly possible

In my previous column, I mentioned that I have been giving presentations titled, “How to Create Ageless Joy.” This is the second column offering ageless joy suggestions. • Joseph Campbell said, “Why do some people float in the waters that drown others?” My answer to Joseph Campbell would be, “Your attitude determines if you sink […]

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What did we learn from the shutdown?

Government is simply a word for the things we decide to do together. And if there is one lesson that the recent 16-day government shutdown taught us, it is this: There are a lot of things we Americans have decided to do, together, and people were angry when these things were taken away. Michelle Langbehn […]

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Ask a Care Manager: Dependence and interdependence

Lucille, a retired woman in her 70s shared with a friend the other day that she was going to water the yard but was stymied with the sprinkler system, something her husband usually took care of. When he came home, she asked him to show her the process for turning the system on and off. […]

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Parker Development in the EID race

EDITOR: Parker Development recently formed a new political action committee that contributed $34,000 funding to the EID director election campaigns of Richard Englefield and Dale Coco. Parker is spending big money on a small local election to ensure developers continue to receive preferential treatment at the expense of EID ratepayers. EID residential water and sewer […]

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