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BOLO — Be On the Lookout — is usually something one associates with police agencies issuing a bulletin to watch out for a person who just committed a major crime. But at the IRS it means Be On the Lookout for Tea Party groups. Not just Tea Party groups, but “Patriots,” “9/12 Project,” groups concerned […]

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My turn: Freedom under siege

Just a week after the President extolled the benign virtues of big government and told university students to ignore those who warn of its dangers, Americans woke up to headlines that this government has been targeting groups and individuals that it doesn’t like for intimidation and harassment. I appreciate the president’s sudden interest in getting […]

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Bible story very heartwarming

EDITOR: I wanted to comment on the wonderful article Mike Roberts wrote on the return of the Castile family’s 127-year-old presentation Bible. It was fascinating and heartwarming to read the story of it’s journey home. Being in the hobby of genealogy myself, it just made me marvel at the work and dedication that Mr. Thomas did in returning this treasure to […]

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Ask a Care Manager: What you should know about RAMs

Solicitations come in the mail talking about free money. Of course, no such thing exists but it’s the enticement of not having to worry about the increasing expenses that may make it attractive to older adults who want to be in charge of their lives and remain at home. The following questions/answers discuss the possibility […]

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Medicare counseling services help

EDITOR: Medicare beneficiaries with incomes below a certain level may qualify for a program called Extra Help, which provides financial assistance for Part D prescription drug costs. Individuals with annual incomes below $17,235 ($23,265 for married couples) and financial resources less than $13,300 ($26,580 for married couples) may qualify for zero or reduced monthly premiums, […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: I need to see a psychiatrist

Sometimes when you receive disappointing news, it saps your energy and makes you want to give up. I recently was told, after a screening was completed on my feet, that I have flat feet. I mistakenly shared this information with my tennis buddies, and they now call me “Donald Duck” when I miss a tennis […]

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A dose of Dan: Nature Bowl teaches more than just nature

When our 10-year-old son James came home from school in January and told us he had been invited to compete in the Nature Bowl, I didn’t know what to make of the opportunity at first. I knew the Nature Bowl was a science competition, but I didn’t know what the experience would entail. I initially […]

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