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Private Practice: Don’t drink and drive

Driving While Intoxicated (known as DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (known as DUI) involves operating a vehicle with alcohol in your blood stream. This is a serious offense that can result in a suspension of your driver’s license, hefty fines, increased insurance rates and even jail time. The state of California does its best to […]

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Senior News: December 2014

The Christmas Luncheon was fabulous I know the 275-plus seniors who attended our annual Christmas Luncheon all had a wonderful time! From the entertainment by Oak Ridge High School groups (jazz band, dance team and choir) to the visit by Mr. and Mrs. Claus (thank you El Dorado Hills Fire Department), the chicken cordon bleu lunch […]

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Unique opportunities for Union Mine

EDITOR: It is time to recognize that the building of Union Mine High School was a mistake. It continues as a mistake and unless the folks of Diamond/El Dorado wish to see some major development it will always be a mistake. Given this truth, what can be done to fix the Union Mine dilemma? First: […]

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Publisher’s ink: This logic went out the window years ago

The best four words a father hears from his child are “Dad, I love you.” The second best four words this father heard recently from his daughter were, “I GOT A JOB!” It’s been three months since our youngest excitedly gave us the good news. I decided to wait the customary 90 days before sharing […]

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‘Mik’ throws EDH under the bus

EDITOR: On Dec. 2, 2014, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors approved on a 4-1 vote the Town Center apartments, a 250-unit apartment complex in the heart of Town Center. The only dissenting vote was by District 2 Supervisor Shiva Frentzen. What is so shocking about this vote is that after many volunteered hours […]

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Giving yourself the gift of not falling

It happened so quickly I almost can’t remember how. What makes me remember is the soreness in a shoulder that lingers six weeks after the incident. It was getting dark as I stepped out the door of the fifth wheel. We were in an Arkansas KOA that had very large rocks just outside the door. As […]

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Persistence pays off

The staff at the El Dorado Irrigation District has been dogged in its pursuit of getting a water delivery contract from the Bureau of Reclamation. The persistence and innovative ideas have begun to pay off. After securing the additional 17,000 acre-feet of water from Project 184, confirming those water rights with the State Water Resources […]

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