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Billingsley’s Bullets: Upbeat is always better

Who is in charge of the mornings in your home? If you have an upbeat person in charge in the morning, the rest of the day will probably be enjoyable. Upbeat people start the day with a “good morning” salutation, often accompanied by a hug or a kiss or both. • My upbeat wife Monika […]

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Pay close attention to the county’s General Plan update

EDITOR: El Dorado County residents need to know about the General Plan update currently in progress. But working folk just cannot attend the many hours of meetings held in the past two weeks. I hope people see Dr. Boylan’s letter “Amending the County’s General Plan” posted Aug. 27 in the Mountain Democrat. Packing development into […]

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Crib notes: The smart phone standoff

At long last we’ve found a happy medium. My seventh-grader got his much-desired smart phone this summer and everything I dreaded about it hasn’t happened (knock on wood). He’s not on it 24/7 or even head down, zoned out, while we’re in public places. That was our first social stipulation about getting such a device. […]

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Observatory an incredible asset

EDITOR: On behalf of seniors throughout El Dorado County, I would like to thank the volunteers from the Cameron Park Rotary Community Observatory (located in Placerville) for recently hosting an exciting evening of planet and star gazing. More than 30 seniors joined in on this fabulous group outing. We truly appreciate all the hard work that […]

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Vote for Chris Amaral

EDITOR: I have been most impressed with the character and candor of Chris Amaral, who is running for District 2 supervisor. I am also impressed that he is not a career politician and has a strong business background. We can use some of that on the El Dorado Board of Supervisors. He said something that […]

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Wasted water

EDITOR: During the month of July, New York Creek that flows in my yard has been dry. On at least five occasions, there has been a flow of clear water in the creek for several hours. This amounts to hundreds if not thousands of gallons of wasted water. I have contacted EID about this and […]

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Lead the way Mik

EDITOR: What does it cost? I have heard so many explanations about how the ballot initiatives are going to be just awful for El Dorado County and how they just might be tolerable. One of the ways to test these issues is to obtain a financial analysis of the impacts of these initiatives; and our […]

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