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Publisher’s Ink: Finally … taking the reins of Facebook

Well, I’ve done it. I finally succumbed to the peer pressure. I’m now on Facebook. Just to clarify, it was the technical savvy of daughter No. 2 that made it all possible. Without her help I would still be staring at Facebook’s introduction page. With the recent media hype over Facebook’s IPO stock offering and […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: A bad start can create disaster

Perhaps the first hour of your day controls the next 23 hours of your day. If you stub your toe immediately after you get up, you have at least two choices to make about what kind of day you will experience. • A stubbed toe can convince you that this will be a terrible day […]

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A dose of Dan: ‘Deer tunnel is no laughing matter to us deer’

One of the many pleasures of contributing to Village Life is receiving feedback from readers and community members. Sometimes the feedback is related to a recent column, other times it’s just a story idea that is passed along. In this rather unique case, I was recently contacted by a member of the animal kingdom — […]

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EID bills again don’t add up

EDITOR: Every January and for every EID rate hike over the past two years, EID ratepayers have received a version of the following message referring to indecipherable calculations of their bills: “New rates in effect as of April 1, 2012: Our billing system does not allow us to show your prorated calculations on the bill. But […]

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Kudos to El Dorado Hills Optimists

EDITOR: On behalf of everyone in the County Sports League, I want to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to the Optimists of El Dorado Hills for their continued support of our track and field championships. The Optimists’ contribution went toward the awards we were able to give to the first, second, and third place […]

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Gated communities

EDITOR: Living in El Dorado Hills has shown me luxury but it has also shown me censorship. There are many gated communities in EDH that are infuriatingly limiting with their rules. Rules like what color to paint your fences, what plants you can grow, what kind of satellite dishes are allowed, “inside hours,” and not […]

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Senior News

Millie Smith

Spring Fling was a great party The party was a lot of fun with more than 200 attending. Lots of good food from the Senior Nutritional Lunch program with the help of the E Dorado Hills local firemen who served and cleaned up. Seniors enjoyed great entertainment, with a good band who kept the partygoers […]

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