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Multisociety letter on immigration

EDITOR: Among many reactions to the White House executive order on visas and immigration there is one that should be highlighted. On Jan. 31, 152 organizations representing a broad spectrum of professional scientific, engineering and education societies, national associations and universities wrote to the president and to congressional leaders to state their concern about the […]

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Delay the DOL Fiduciary Rule

EDITOR: Please ask President Trump to delay the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule. The annuity industry is working hard to comply with the rule by April 10 but there are still hundreds of questions the department has yet to answer. The first DOL FAQ issued last October created even more questions and didn’t address substantially more. […]

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Publisher’s Ink: Trump’s first 100 days — hold on tight!

If President Donald Trump’s next 95 days in office are anything like his first five then get ready for quite a ride. There appears to be no lack of energy by this newly elected president who seems to require no sleep. His first three executive actions have already been signed amid a flurry of excitement and […]

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Get to work on recreational pot rules

California’s next cash cow is leafy green. The debate about the effects of marijuana use will undoubtedly continue but nearly 8 million voters supported Proposition 64 in November, thereby passing the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative. Now the state’s Bureau of Marijuana Control and local jurisdictions have until Dec. 31, 2017, to hammer out rules for recreational marijuana […]

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Thesis for prosecuting the Clinton family

EDITOR: This is to provide background for why the U.S. government should prosecute the Clintons. We at least know that Hillary had a server in her basement that was used illegally. We know that the Clinton’s were giving speeches to banks and foreign governments for very large fees. We know that the IRS is investigating […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Observations and lessons in 2016

At the end of each year I review my “Bullets” column and list some of my favorite items from columns for that year, which includes the following: • Recently my 2-and-a-half-year-old great-granddaughter Daisy came into the living room and saw my infected hand bandaged from fingertips to the elbow. Without saying a word, she came […]

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California Rambling: Wintering in the Carson Valley

When an area is overpopulated or forage is thin, wildlife will migrate elsewhere. This happened some years ago when young bald eagles discovered the Carson Valley in neighboring Douglas County, Nev. Now, each January and February, dozens of bald eagles return during their migration north to Canada. They’re attracted by the area’s relatively mild winter […]

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