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Billingsley’s Bullets: Living in the past doesn’t make sense

In her book, “Visions from the Heart,” Jennifer James, Ph.D., notes the following thought: “Regrets, we all have a few. There is a little pang of grief at what might have been. But each regret is only a tender reminder of the wonder that is the present. The event that begat the regret was somehow […]

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A does of Dan: Government fines fleecing citizens

Dan Francisco

Society is intimately familiar with the law enforcement mantra: “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” We are also acutely aware of the mantra’s misdemeanor version: “Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine.” However, if you have recently been on the receiving end of a fine levied by a […]

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Knightly News: Better roads on the way

John Knight

Hard work and coordinating with other state agencies have paid off in big money for El Dorado County, bringing in more than $21 million in the past 60 days. Most of the money will either be applied toward projects in El Dorado Hills or affect residences in the west end of El Dorado County. El […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Being a good sport is not complicated

Bob Billingsley

I have played sports ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. It’s really pretty easy to be a good sport when you win. You shake hands with your opponents, complement them on their effort, and wish them good luck for the future. • Being a good sport when you lose is a tad […]

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Kids need our guidance, not more legislation

Julie Samrick

As 12 people senselessly died and scores of others are wounded in the aftermath of the Colorado theater shooting, some say the lesson we should glean is to treasure every moment with our loved ones because this fragile life is fleeting.  Debates have, once again, surfaced about gun control.  Some wonder whether the gunman, 24-year-old […]

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Romney still playing defense in poiltical Olympic sport

Despite a recent Rasmussen poll showing presidential contender and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by 5 percentage points he doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Here’s one reason why: During Romney’s stopover in Great Britain he was asked a question regarding preparations for the British Olympics. “There are a few things […]

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EID sewer rates threaten restaurant survival

EDITOR: El Dorado Irrigation District’s latest rate hikes have been particularly harsh on area restaurants, which now often pay seven times as much for their EID sewer bills as they do for water; $12,000 annual EID bills now are not uncommon and are a hefty load on thin margin small businesses struggling to survive. EID […]

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