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Gated communities

EDITOR: Living in El Dorado Hills has shown me luxury but it has also shown me censorship. There are many gated communities in EDH that are infuriatingly limiting with their rules. Rules like what color to paint your fences, what plants you can grow, what kind of satellite dishes are allowed, “inside hours,” and not […]

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Senior News

Millie Smith

Spring Fling was a great party The party was a lot of fun with more than 200 attending. Lots of good food from the Senior Nutritional Lunch program with the help of the E Dorado Hills local firemen who served and cleaned up. Seniors enjoyed great entertainment, with a good band who kept the partygoers […]

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Publisher’s Ink: This wolverine stuff(ing) is hard to make up

Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) becomes uneasy when she enters the office parlor of the Bates Motel in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 suspense/horror film “Psycho.” The ominous scene of stuffed birds staring down from the walls gives us a glimpse of Norman Bates, the character Anthony Perkins portrays. Stuffing things, especially birds, was Norman’s pastime. And his […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Don’t allow others to define you

Somewhere along the way, I heard the phrase, “Limiting Beliefs.” As I understand this phrase, it means beliefs that stop you from doing something or beliefs that limit your willingness to test yourself in any new areas of life. • If your mother said you had a lousy singing voice, you probably stopped singing. When Dad […]

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El Dorado Hills chamber encourages a “yes” on Measure C

EDITOR: The El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors votes to support Measure C, an El Dorado County Ballot Measure. Measure C will allow for the county to pay small vendors (contracts less than $10,000) in a timely manner. Most small vendors are our local businesses. This measure will allow the county to […]

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Vote yes on Measure C

EDITOR: As a former county employee that regularly saw the waste of taxpayer money due to the crazy requirements of Charter Section 602, I implore my fellow citizens to vote yes on Measure C and put your tax dollars to better use. The charter requires that all services bought by the county require a written […]

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This joke is on us

The joke: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The punch line: “To get to the other side.” Everyone’s heard the joke and the multitude of answers to the basic question. Now it seems the joke’s on us as we’ve changed from chickens crossing the road to deer and other wildlife. With the construction of […]

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