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Senior News

Millie Smith

Christmas party coming soon Christmas will be here before you know it and the party will be held at the El Dorado Hills Community Services District gym on Friday, Dec. 9, sponsored by the El Dorado Hills Senior Support Council, the CSD and the Senior Nutrition Program. Doors will open at 10:30 a.m., entertainment begins […]

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Let’s stick to reality … and the facts about EID

Greg Prada and I both attended the Oct. 11 EID board meeting, but it’s as if we saw different meetings. He said “No … not one director gave cutting planned spending increases even one ounce of thought.” Greg, where have you been? Cutting costs has been an ongoing mantra at EID for years. It doesn’t […]

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The truth about your EID sewer bill

EDITOR: At a Wednesday evening campaign stop, Harry Norris repeated some highly deceptive information. Harry said EID sewer rates are so high because of EID’s more rigorous tertiary treatment requirements than downstream sanitation districts. This is less than half-true. The bigger part of the story that Harry didn’t disclose is that EID has 50 percent […]

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What do we know about Alan Day?

EDITOR: I am confused by the recent attacks against EID and more importantly against Harry Norris. My wife and I have been very active in this community for over 25 years. Harry Norris was one of the first individuals I met when I moved here. His honesty and work ethic has been beyond reproach. He […]

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Billingsley’s bullets: Bad tempers create eggs

If you live with a person who has a bad temper, you live a life of continuous anxiety. Bad-tempered people put everyone on edge. Everyone around them is waiting for the fuse to blow and is hoping they’re not going to be on the receiving end of the anger. In fact, they almost feel relieved […]

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Rafting the Northwest Territory of El Dorado County

Imagine the excitement Meriwether Lewis and William Clark experienced when they ventured down the Columbia River in present day Washington state on their grand expedition westward into the Northwest Territory. Theirs was to seek a water route across North America and explore the uncharted West. Our own Lewis and Clark expedition shoved off from Coloma […]

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Pooch Plunge a tail-wagging success

EDITOR: It was ‘Dogs Gone Wild’ Aug. 20 at the third annual Pooch Plunge at Cameron Park Lake, sponsored by El Dorado Dog Owners Guild and the Cameron Park Community Services District. Attendance was high as 161 dogs from 16 surrounding communities did a fantastic job running, jumping and splashing their way to another fun-filled, […]

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