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Response to the Buckeye Union School District settlement

EDITOR: The recent Buckeye Union School District’s teacher salary settlement was welcome news to our community, but union leader Austin Smith’s recent comment that “neither side” ended up “happy” is an inaccurate assessment of the outcome. The truth behind the dispute shows a very different story. Here are three undisputed facts that Mr. Smith doesn’t […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Trust your eyes, not your ears

While reading about Cherokee thoughts, I realized that Cherokees do not like people who gossip. The Cherokees believe that you should judge a person by what you see them do. You should not judge a person with your ears. What others say about a person may be true or it could be completely distorted. Trust what […]

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EDUHSD board failing

EDITOR: As a local parent, I want the best education for my two children. While our community has tremendous teachers at our high local schools, it’s clear the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees  and its district administrators are failing our students. Over the past 18 months our district has been shaken by […]

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Will my fellow EDH residents be fooled this November?

EDITOR: Healthy things grow. El Dorado Hills will continue to grow. The question is will the residents of El Dorado County, District 1, elect the candidate who will promote sensible growth? Will they check a box this November simply based on name recognition and expensive, glossy fliers … or will they realize that one candidate has a […]

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Crib Notes: The best time to zip your lip

The world is getting so small and so loud that there’s only room for a few soundbites to cycle into the top headlines, reaching across the globe as quickly as gossip spreads across a school blacktop at lunchtime. For good and bad, communication with others is only a thought away. Gone are awkward phone booths, […]

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Message from EID: Ongoing drought resilience

On May 18 the State Water Resources Control Board approved modifications to its emergency conservation regulation to reflect improved water supply conditions and allow for more local decision making. The original regulation was adopted in May 2015 and required local water agencies to meet state-imposed water use reduction standards ranging from 4 percent to 36 […]

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Re-elect John Knight

EDITOR: This election cycle, voters are getting inundated with presidential politics. Although their vote in the presidential election is very important, there is a local race that is of great importance. John Knight is running for re-election to the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees, Area 3. John has served in this capacity […]

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