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Publisher’s ink: Fiscal cliff-hanger looms as parties posture

Richard Esposito

Just when you thought it was safe to resume normal life after the election, we’re now facing what could be a crisis of epic proportion. The countdown to the nation’s “fiscal cliff” is winding down. The “fiscal cliff” is what we’ll fall over if the Bush tax cuts don’t get extended and automatic spending cuts […]

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Senior News: November

Millie Smith

Christmas party Christmas will be here before you know it. Our annual Christmas party will be held on Friday, Dec. 7, at the El Dorado Hills Community Services District gym on Harvard Way. It is sponsored by the El Dorado Hills Senior Support Council, the EDHCSD and the Senior Nutrition Lunch program. Doors open at […]

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How healthy do you want to be?

By Dr. Steven Long Shhhh … Can you hear it? It is quietly robbing you of energy, robbing you of your metabolism, robbing you of your life’s potential. It is called the “Silent Killer.” We all know about it. We all have it but what can we do about it. It is STRESS! Your body’s […]

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Billingsley’s bullets: Do not recognize your age

There is no doubt in my mind that you need to quit thinking about your age after you turn 50. Thinking about your age automatically creates limitations you never thought about before you became 50 years old. • Those who obsess about “turning old” always talk about their age and use their age as an […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Being dumb is OK with me

Our friends Toni and Dan Wright made us a very generous offer to purchase their 1999 Mercedes Benz SUV. Knowing we would never be able to purchase a new Mercedes, we jumped at this opportunity to buy this beautiful, immaculate, “midnight blue” SUV. Recently, while driving to work in the Mercedes, I decided to check […]

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Crib notes: To be a younger sibling

My younger sister had to be scrappy while we were growing up. In our loud family of six, she could have either gotten lost or fought hard as the baby of four girls to be heard, which is what she did. Once, when she was about 5-years-old, we were returning home from somewhere, the whole […]

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Salaries not excessive

EDITOR: Greg Prada is again complaining about an EID budget detail — despite EID having cut the costs in question by $846,000 this year. His citation of $127,133 in salary per employee in the 2013 budget is correct, but he neglects to note the cost savings. Also, EID has held cost-of-living increases to only 2 […]

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