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Backroads: Moving Martha to Placerville

In part two of Backroads, columnist Mike Roberts’ three-part reflection on gratitude, his 87-year old mother, suffering with COPD in Illinois, agrees to give up her independence. Getting Martha to Placerville requires a team effort. Late in November, with Mom just three days out of rehab (pulmonary rehab, not Charlie Sheen rehab), and me back […]

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Billingsley’s bullets: Living on the edge is dumb

There are some people who have a style of talking that is a tad abrasive. The way they say things or the words they use have an edge to them. This abrasive, edgy style of talking is noticeable in every third or fourth comment they make, no matter what the subject is. With the abrasive […]

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Backroads: My sincerest gratitude

In part one of this three-part series, Backroads columnist Mike Roberts shares his frustration over trying to manage his 87-year-old mother’s declining health from afar, and how an assortment of people helped out along the way. My family has a versatile expression that describes the last half of 2011 for both my mother and I: […]

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Please return my grandson’s medal

EDITOR: On Saturday, Jan. 7, while at Mountain Mikes Pizza on Embarcadero Way at approximately 6 p.m. my grandson accidentally left his silver medal for wrestling that he won that afternoon at a tournament at Union Mine High School in the men’s room at the restaurant. When we realized what had happened we contacted the restaurant […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: It’s smart to start anew

If you finished up 2011 feeling depressed, angry or very sad, you need to figure out what happened to you and make sure it doesn’t happen again in 2012. To start anew means to do something different. Do not allow old scripts to dominate your life. Maybe your family decided you were “the lazy child” […]

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2012 predictions leave me tingling

Richard Esposito

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, something will occur on Dec. 21, 2012, that could lead to the demise of the human race. Just what that event is no one knows. Could it be a rare cosmic alignment of planets and stars threatening our existence? Will the sun spew a “super” solar storm disrupting all […]

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Crib notes: Addicted to my smart phone

Julie Samrick

One day last summer I was enjoying myself at the State Fair with my kids until I lost my brand new iPhone. I’d put it in my back pocket so that I’d hear my parents call when they arrived. Next thing I knew it was gone. That hot, itchy, hive-like pang of panic reminded me […]

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