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Folsom escapee moves to No. 1 on FBI’s Mosted Wanted List

Richard Esposito

John Dillinger, when asked what he did for a living, simply responded, “I rob banks.” It could be debated that Dillinger’s choice of occupation actually helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover declared John Dillinger public enemy No. 1, the department was on its way to becoming the premier law […]

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Crib notes: The chance to dream

Julie Samrick

Did you know Steve Jobs did not allow his three children to watch television? It is ironic that the creator of so many technological inventions was also an advocate of unplugging. He believed that only when we literally and figuratively quiet the outside world would we realize the distinct paths we should take. “Do not […]

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Don’t be ridiculous, Mr. Publisher

EDITOR: Mr. Esposito, What a ridiculous column you have written and published in the Village Life Sept. 28. I have never read such out of context, biassed views in a local newspaper from its publisher. Your column is totally out of order. You have cited one opinion piece in a journal. That would be like […]

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Open your home to a foster child

EDITOR: Do you miss those teenagers or have the empty nest syndrome? Maybe you have an extra bedroom that looks empty and lonely. There is an immediate need for caring, loving foster homes. Our community is small compared to others, times are tough for many, construction is down, businesses are closing and it makes for […]

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Oak Ridge is freezing your children

Oak Ridge High School has placed your children in refrigerated classrooms that are kept cool on your dime. The thermostats were replaced in most Oak Ridge classrooms over the past summer and have been fixed at frigid temperatures that neither teachers nor students are able to adjust. Teachers have to open the doors and windows […]

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Billingsley’s bullets: Parent talk is confusing

There are a few expressions parents use that they really don’t mean at all. When a parent yells out, “I’m not telling you to do that again” or “This is the last time I’m saying this,” the child possible believes them for a short period of time. After the parent keeps repeating the above statements, […]

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CASA — It’s all about the kids

“It’s for the kids!” auctioneer David Sobon repeated many times during an evening fundraiser at Rancho Olivo Vineyards in Cameron Park last Saturday. The “kids” Sobon was referring to are those currently being served by CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) here in El Dorado County. With projected cuts of $55,000 from the Superior Court next […]

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