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Shedding light on the bulbs

Turning the clocks back an hour earlier couldn’t come at a better time at our house. Besides making life a tad bit depressing, the reduced sunlight during the day required more use of artificial light sources. It was this source of light that now affected my wife’s ability to perform the crossword puzzle. “What’s wrong […]

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We need to be reasonable in this school zone

EDITOR: Pleasant Valley Middle School is located on Green Valley Road in the middle of a 55 mph zone. There are signs indicating, “School Zone, 25 mph When Children Are Present.” The school itself is set back from the road with a parking lot and several buildings between the road and any playgrounds. If there […]

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I want to see John Skeel back on the job

EDITOR: Presentation made to the El Dorado Hills Community Services District: I am Evelyn Weick, vice president of the Senior Support Council and a voting citizen of El Dorado Hills. I am speaking because I am so disgusted with you, this board, in the way I feel you are treating us, your voting citizens. Clear […]

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In health: Childhood obesity can be deadly

Dr. Steve Long

By Dr. Steven Long There is an obvious trend in America. We all see it. I don’t mean to be cruel but we are the fattest nation on the planet. It is obvious that this problem is beginning earlier and earlier in our lives. Overweight children most often become overweight adults. Sure, there are those […]

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Crib notes: Coach and be coached

Julie Samrick

My husband was asked to coach one of the fourth-grade basketball teams in the upcoming CSD league. Normally eager to coach — he has coached our boys’ baseball and soccer teams each of the past three years — he agreed, but with trepidation since he never played organized basketball. He said yes because he’s come […]

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Fort El Dorado Hills under a flag of truce; Colonel Skeel holding ground

Richard Esposito

The battleground that is Fort El Dorado Hills remains under a flag of truce as the warring parties try to negotiate a treaty. Tony Rogozinski of General Guy Gertsch’s Community Services District staff recommended everyone involved in the conflict lay down their weapons and cease hostilities. Meanwhile Colonel John Skeel, currently holding the upper hand […]

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Billinglsley’s bullets: Here we go again

Every three or four years I create a new list of “Billingsley’s Axioms of Life.” These axioms come from my life experiences in the last three or four years. Also, some axioms result from conversations I have had or from books or magazines that have crossed my path in the last 45 months. If you […]

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