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What are we supposed to eat, then?

Julie Samrick

My kids now say, “Ewwww!” whenever we drive past a McDonald’s. Those pictures of warm, tasty nuggets on billboards don’t deceive them now that they’ve seen how they’re really made. Apparently that pink goo in the photo circulating around the web isn’t strawberry milkshake, but the beginning of “chicken nuggets.” We are barraged with confusing […]

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Struggling to live while facing death

Richard Esposito

Grace walked into the Bert Fish Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach, Florida with her newest hard cover puzzle book featuring an assortment of mind benders and Sodukos. Working crossword puzzles helps pass the time and at age 69 Grace’s skill level is ranked somewhere between amateur and professional. On this particular day, Grace would […]

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The Knightly News: Recreation and beauty abounds

Supervisor John Knight

Last November I was riding on an elevator with two other men who were excited about the early snow and were expecting another great ski season. While the winter months brought limited precipitation, our spring has poured out rain and snow. All is blooming with recreational sports abound. El Dorado County is such a wonderful […]

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EID has been cutting expenses and employees

EDITOR: EID’s financial metrics in the past decade show a history of rising revenues and rising costs during the tenure of Ane Deister as general manager, which ended on Dec.31, 2007. Following that the history is of dropping revenues and major cost cutting, first by Interim GM Tom Gallier, then on a more comprehensive scope […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Finding love in all the wrong places

Bob Billingsley

The magazine “Mental floss” noted the following strange courtship ritual: “The Apple of My Arm: Taking a bite out of this apple really is a sin. At dances in the 19th century, eligible Austrian girls would keep an apple slice crammed under their armpits. When the night ended, the girl would hand the slice to […]

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Highway 50 toll road — then and now

Richard Esposito

Motorists traveling on Highway 50 may not understand the historical relevance of this, the first state road authorized on March 26, 1895. Back then it was referred to as the Lake Tahoe Wagon Road. The 58-mile span of road from present day Newtown Road to the Nevada state line was a toll road until 1886. […]

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Senior News

Millie Smith

Spring Fling is coming Our annual party for May 11 will be called Spring Fling. With all the trees and daffodils blooming, it’s a great time of the year to have a spring party.  Spring Fling will be sponsored by the El Dorado Hills Senior Support Council and the Senior Nutrition lunch program. This party […]

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