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So much from so many / Dr. Vicki Barber

Dr. Vicki Barber

When a tragedy occurs, our community steps forward and envelopes those who have been impacted with strong, caring arms. Last week we in El Dorado County experienced such an event. When Sam LaCara died in a senseless shooting on Feb. 2 we lost a wonderful husband, father, principal and community leader. Even though we may never […]

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Crib notes: Expectations can never be too high

Julie Samrick

An audible gasp was heard on every playground across America as parents debated Yale Professor and self-professed “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua’s recent article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” Chua described what recipe creates the stereotypically successful Asian child, and it’s diametrically opposed to what she calls the soft model of Western parenting. Where a Western […]

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The travel guy: Who needs a travel agent?

Travel Agent Michael Downer

By Michael Downer In this age of do-it-yourself Internet travel sites, no one needs a travel agent anymore, right? Well, if you’re booking a quick flight to see relatives in San Diego, maybe not. But for cruises, tour packages and more complicated itineraries, travelers are rediscovering the true value of travel agents. If you can […]

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We’re lucky to have such great firefigthers

Recently, I was very unlucky to have a tree I was cutting down fall on me. The tree relocated my right foot breaking bone on one side and pulling ligaments on the other side. My wife was reluctant to transport me to the hospital fearful of  making the injury worse. She called the fire station on Francisco Drive. Soon […]

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Doctor, lawyer, teacher? No, EDH fireman

EDITOR: As you help your child plan their future you should consider the occupation of an El Dorado Hills firefighter. To become a firefighter requires EMT-1 or EMT-Paramedic certification (ARC 12 month, three days/week program, $1,200), 20 college semester units and 13.5 weeks of firefighting training — so approximately a 2 year commitment. The per […]

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Diner in disguise / “Is Kobe here today?”


“Kobe beef” refers to cuts of beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle, raised according to strict tradition. The meat is generally considered to be a delicacy, renowned for its flavor, tenderness and fatty, well-marbled texture. The last couple of years has seen this type of beef skyrocket in popularity. The cattle are […]

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Waterford recall unwarranted/ Paul Raveling

Waterford’s recall election is absolutely unwarranted. This HOA has worked diligently to take reasonable action on behalf of all of its homeowners; it is the recall supporters who have fallen far short of honoring reality and reason. Please see the special section on www.sierrafoot.org; its “What else?” page reviews 18 false claims made by recall […]

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