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Ask a care manager: The importance of getting the documents in place

It’s never easy to think about what will happen to a loved one in the future but not having direction or the proper documents in place can make it a challenge when the need arises particularly for the person who is trying to help. My mother recently became a widow and is looking to me […]

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Crib notes: Good things can happen in prison

Hayley was a happy, 17-year-old high school senior before she became a convicted felon.  “I was the Homecoming Queen,” she said, reflecting back on her life before making terrible, life-altering decisions. “As a kid I had a good group of friends. And as an only child I was, and still am, very close to my […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Rigid, uptight people not welcome

Recently I completed a self-evaluation regarding the people I have coffee with and the people I hang around with. None of these people are doomsday types, and none are rigid, uptight people. • Life is too short to spend time with boring people. You don’t learn anything from boring people, and they make you feel […]

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EID deal not real reform

EDITOR: This week the El Dorado Irrigation District board on a 4-1 vote, I voted against it, put in place a new agreement with the employees association. It is being touted as a big deal, big savings, real reform of EID’s health care costs, pension costs and salary costs. It isn’t. I voted against this […]

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The truth about EID compensation

EDITOR: Greg Prada’s letter to the editor (“EID passes 7 percent wage hikes”) is misinformed and wrong. Although he was present for the February 25 EID Board meeting, this self-proclaimed “ratepayer advocate” seems less interested in facts than in political spin. Mr. Prada would have readers believe that salaries are driving EID’s rates. They are […]

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Get your EID facts right

EDITOR: Bob Luca’s letter is misinformed and wrong. You would think that a District Attorney’s investigator would have more interest in the facts — especially when he’s accusing EID’s board of being “out of touch.” As the Mountain Democrat accurately reported, on Feb. 25 the EID board and employee association agreed to implement the Public […]

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Fire board, SRA fee and veterans

EDITOR: Feb. 21, the 692nd meeting of the El Dorado Hills Fire Board was different. While there were 35 chairs for the public this night only four or five were filled by citizens not employed or otherwise linked to the department. While the quantity of citizens was lacking the quality was not. Bill Sturge appeared […]

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