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Lost flies

EDITOR: My husband was fishing the week of Jan. 10 with my son at our wonderful “Duck Pond” in Governors Village. Some how he dropped his fly box (not realizing it) and is now without roughly 300 hand tied flies used for fly fishing. Many may not realize the devastation once he learned they were […]

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Seniors appreciate Chief Veerkamp

Thank you, Chief Brian Veerkamp for your years of dedicated service to the El Dorado Hills community. We especially appreciate your unending support of our El Dorado Hills Senior Center and seniors throughout the region. You will be missed! Janet Kenneweg EDH Senior Center Supervisor

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Crib notes: 10 things I learned this holiday season

Julie Samrick

The holidays were more peaceful than they normally are in the Samrick household.  Call it evolving, getting older, trial and error, I don’t know, but I wasn’t screaming for school to resume by Day 3 of Christmas vacation. I learned a few things that I want to remember so I made a list. First, shop […]

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What about all the other cows?

I read the story of the firefighters being called to help deliver a calf on Bass Lake Road in the paper dated Jan. 5. I was heartened to read about the way people pulled, literally, together to help the mother deliver her calf, but I was saddened that this story about a calf can make […]

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Don’t let an eating disorder take over your life

Carina Williams

By Carina Williams By now, all of you may have had that feeling … “Oh, I’m not good enough; why aren’t I like everyone else?” Well imagine having those feeling welling up inside of you of every second of everyday of your life — unable to stop these thoughts flooding through your mind. Now imagine […]

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Welcome Center welcomes your cell phones

EDITOR: Each week cell phone ads flood our newspapers and airwaves, encouraging us to upgrade to the newest technology. But what happens to all of the outdated equipment? Most of the estimated 140 million cell phones retired annually are stashed away somewhere, gathering dust. Unfortunately, many of these phones find their way to landfills where […]

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Diner in disguise: Barbecue delight


Do you ever watch those barbecue competitions on television? Those folks are serious! Beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, pork ribs … and the sides, although perhaps not as important, are still really important. I saw an episode once where two contestants almost came to blows over their cornbread. Everyone has his or her own version […]

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