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Billingsley’s Bullets: Cherokee life lessons

During the last two years, I have taught classes regarding Cherokee philosophy at the El Dorado Hills Senior Center. While researching Cherokee history and philosophy, I created the following list of Cherokee life lessons, which I believe we can utilize to improve our everyday lives: • We learn more from negative experiences. • To enjoy […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: My brain is a tad scrambled

Bob Billingsley

Some readers have asked me why I don’t stick to one subject when I write the “Billingsley Bullets” column. My usual response is I am not mature enough to write a one-subject column. Also, when I was growing up my Uncle Tillman liked the idea that my brain was scrambled. Dealing with one subject in […]

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Support Muse, Veerkamp

EDITOR: With all the funding challenges facing school districts across the state, it’s refreshing to know that our high school district has a Board of Trustees with the knowledge, leadership and wisdom to effectively position the district to continue its drive to achieve academic excellence. Measure Q was passed by the voters of El Dorado […]

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Don’t turn our fire department into ‘average’

EDITOR: I’m going to need some clarification on the Petersens plans to bring “smaller, more agile, ‘ambulance-like vehicles’” to El Dorado Hills. If their plan is to augment our current firefighter-paramedics responding to emergencies in fire engines, then I’m all for it. However, seeing as they plan on reducing our fire department budget, I don’t see how […]

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Petersens are uninformed

EDITOR: After reading the numerous errors in your article on Craig and Sherry Petersen’s plan to rebuild our fire department, I realized that someone who had actual fire and EMS experience needed to set the record straight. I’ll try to cover all the errors, but might run out of room. We staff, and operate, four […]

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EDH fire service doesn’t need ‘radical’ change

EDITOR: I’m writing to express my anger and frustration with recent statements made by two candidates for the El Dorado Hills Fire Board. According to your article, Craig and Sherry Petersen are proposing significant changes to the delivery of emergency medical services within our district. There are so many errors and inaccurate statements that I […]

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Muse & Veerkamp have my vote

EDITOR: I have known Mary Muse and Lori Veerkamp for many years and had the privilege of serving with them on the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees. Mary and Lori are deeply committed to educating all students in a safe environment and providing them a rigorous curriculum and excellent career technology […]

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