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Gee, this is a mess — vote no on Measure G

El Dorado County’s tag-team ballot measures E & G offer voters these slogans — “Keep Us Rural” and “Save Our County.” Save it from what? Obviously not ballot box planning, which, unless every voter is well-versed in planning laws, local ordinances and the El Dorado County General Plan, can turn disastrous. These measures are the […]

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The right thing to do

EDITOR: In politics, as in life, we don’t often have the chance to do the right thing, to right a wrong, to make the principled choice. This May, when you receive your mail-in ballot for the June 7 election, is one of those times. I urge you to vote yes on El Dorado County Measures E & […]

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We support Shiva Frentzen

EDITOR: The Shingle Springs Community Alliance Core Committee endorses Shiva Frentzen in her re-election bid for District 2 county supervisor. Shiva’s values align with ours and her voting record reflects that. Shiva consistently questions the status quo at Board of Supervisors meetings and votes with the interests of the community in mind. Supervisor Frentzen’s campaign […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Can you define a crush?

If you check in a dictionary, a crush is defined as an intense and usually passing infatuation. This definition started me thinking about the crushes I have had on girls and women. When I think about a crush, the definition expands. The crush may be emerging from her smile, her face or figure, her intelligence, her […]

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Senior News: May 2016

By now you have received the summer edition of the El Dorado Hills Community Services District Activity Guide, which has the El Dorado Hills Senior Center’s new schedule of programs through August. I hope you opened it up. We like to think we have something for everyone … and you only have to be 50 years old to participate. You can […]

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My Turn: High-speed fail

If you thought the Bay Bridge construction fiasco would reign forever as California’s worst, most unsurpassable example of a government project running wildly over budget you are in for a bitter surprise. High-speed rail is on pace to be the grand champion money waster in California history and needs to be stopped before our citizens […]

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My vote is for Steve Ferry

EDITOR: I have known Steve Ferry for about three years and know him to be a man of great integrity. Being a veteran, I was interested in Steve’s views on the military. Steve told me in casual conversation about his successful efforts to bring a Veteran’s Administration clinic to San Jose. I had no idea […]

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