Grow for It! Meet your Master Gardeners

Stacey Price UCCE Master Gardener of El Dorado County El Dorado County conjures up images of snow-laden mountains and crystal clear Lake Tahoe, but there’s another side to El Dorado County: El Dorado Hills. This is the first place you find as you make your trek up Highway 50 toward Lake Tahoe and it’s an […]

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Techno fabulous apps to kick off the New Year

Computers, smartphones and tablets are a daily fact of life for the majority of Americans in 2017. And so are program applications simply referred to as “apps.” “There’s an app for that” is a common phrase in the lingo nowadays. And it’s hardly surprising: more than 1,000 new apps are uploaded to the iTunes App Store […]

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Casting light on collecting desires in ‘Extraordinary Collections’

Every two years, the Folsom History Museum opens its exhibit hall to the collections of area residents. Called Extraordinary Collections, the result is always unique, fascinating and completely unduplicatable. This year is no exception. Did you know, a whole set of three or more items is all you need to have a collection? Some 19 […]

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Grow for It! Caring for clematis

Sue McDavid UCCE / El Dorado County Master Gardener If ever there was a queen of climbers, clematis would be that queen. This fabulous vining plant can be trained to climb trellises, fences or arches over doorways. It has incredible flowers ranging in size from huge to more profuse and smaller ones in various colors. […]

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Enjoy traditions of the season, with nary a smartphone in sight

For an opportunity to celebrate the wonders of the season like it’s 1899, look just down the hill to the Folsom Historic District. True, the dirt streets are now paved. There are a few nods to technology. Yet, it is still possible to take the family out to experience the Christmas season without a smart […]

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Helping hands — and feet — for neighbors in need

The rhythms of autumn are many. Fall colors reach their peak. Leaves fall. The air turns crisp with early morning frosts. Clothing turns to layers and thoughts turn to the needs of neighbors. Saint Mother Teresa famously told a young person who wanted to serve in India, “Go find your own Calcutta.” Now, that may […]

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Preserve our local treasure with a Night at the EDH Library

Not so long ago, pundits proclaimed “the end of the library.” E-books and Wikipedia were the wave of the future, “doncha know?” Today, over 65 percent of Americans own a tablet or smartphone. Access to knowledge exists as never before. And how is this machinery used? Sadly, many use this technology for watching videos of […]

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