Sheriff slams Prop. 47, talks new HQ

Nationwide, crime has dropped, El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini said, but this downward trend and the safety of residents could be threatened due to the recently passed Proposition 47. “It’s one of the most erroneously billed propositions I’ve seen,” D’Agostini told guests at last week’s El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce luncheon, referring to the supporter-given […]

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Myrna Harp is a guiding light

Her office is constantly filled with students coming and going, but that’s the way Myrna Harp likes it. “This is the comfort room, the safe place and they know that,” said Harp.  “There’s never a dull moment around here.” Providing that comfort and safety in the perilous world of puberty is why the Marina Village […]

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EDH Crime Watch: Nov. 6-12

The following information was taken from El Dorado County sheriff’s reports: Burgled Nov. 6: Thieves entered a Loch Way resident and stole several items. Vandals strike Nov. 6: A Patterson Way resident reported damage to the home’s garage door. Swiped Nov. 6: A petty theft was reported on Concordia Drive. Panty parade Nov. 6: A […]

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Prada censured

On a 3-2 vote, the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors voted Monday to censure Director Greg Prada for threatening a speaker at the Oct. 14 meeting when he said, “Best make sure your liability insurance is paid up.” Nov. 10 Prada issued a statement in defense against censure, writing, “I made a statement not […]

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Growth-control initiatives shot down by voters

El Dorado County ballot Measures M, N and O took the local equivalent of President Obama’s famous “shellackin’” last Tuesday. Obama made it a household term right after 2010 midterm elections poked a big, sharp stick in the eyes of Democrats. Early results from the county Elections Department showed “No” votes ahead of “Yes” votes […]

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Reed Pattison — a cheese expert at your service

“Let me tell you about this cheese I just had.” Whether customers asked him where to find bulk granola or the paper towels, Reed Pattison couldn’t stop telling people about cheese. Easy to see why three years ago Pattison became a Nugget Markets cheese specialist and he’s turned the El Dorado Hills cheese counter into his […]

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Grace Foundation closes its doors indefinitely

After a three-year legal battle over sick horses and mounting debt due to their care, Grace Foundation has bolted the gates to its 600-acre equine therapy and animal rescue ranch off Latrobe. As recent as July things seemed to be looking up according to Grace Foundation Executive Director and founder Beth DeCaprio. After a plea […]

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