A dose of Dan: ‘All I Want for Christmas Is…’

Remember the old song, “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth?”

I’ve caught myself humming the tune as I walk around the house the past few days as we move closer to Christmas. I remember singing the song with my mother when I was a youngster, although when I sing it today my sons look at me like I’m from another planet.

Maybe it’s my singing, but I also figure it’s a generational thing. I was going to tell them to go Google the song, but I decided to do it first. I learned the song was written in 1944 by a music teacher in New York after he noticed all his second grade students were missing their front teeth as they explained what they wanted for Christmas. The song was published in 1948, and the rest is history.

And it is endless amounts of fun to ask your spouse, your children, any of your loved ones or friends what they want for Christmas. We always get a kick out of the response to the question from our boys, and this year was no exception.

The boys, 11 and 9, still frame up their Christmas list in the form of a letter to Santa Claus himself. I’m not sure if they still believe in old St. Nick — they still did last year when I wrote about it, but another year has passed and I don’t have the heart to ask them and then become engaged in a potential debate. So we just go with what they write, even if they may be “spinning” us with their notes to the North Pole.

Nonetheless, they scored major points when their lists this year started off with requests for Mr. Claus to be sure to deliver clean drinking water and food to everyone who needs it on the planet. Apparently the lads have been paying attention.

Before you go thinking the boys are saints in training, let me point out that their requests for humanity were followed by impressive lists of material items, ranging from overpriced running shoes to pro sports gear and video games.

But it can often be ironic when your children, to whom we as parents generally teach the lessons, gallantly remind us to practice what we preach. So, while my Christmas list this year could contain a few material items and seemingly futile societal wishes for economic prosperity or government reform, I’m drawn to focus on matters of the heart.

All I want for Christmas this year is for the families of dear friends and relatives we lost recently to feel warmth, love and peace during this challenging time that is made more difficult because of the holiday season.

My Christmas list includes wishes for my immediate family to experience improved health so they can further enjoy the season and time with family.

And I wish that everyone who celebrates Christmas can do so with a heart full of the spirit. May you appreciate what Christmas is all about while you enjoy every minute of it.

Dan Francisco is an El Dorado Hills-based public relations consultant to the high-tech industry.

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