Billinglsley’s bullets: Here we go again

Every three or four years I create a new list of “Billingsley’s Axioms of Life.” These axioms come from my life experiences in the last three or four years. Also, some axioms result from conversations I have had or from books or magazines that have crossed my path in the last 45 months. If you review the following axioms weekly, you will not get the flu and your hair will become thicker:

Billingsley’s Axioms of Life (Part 1)

• When you really love someone, you want them to become yours forever.

• If you truly believe the universe is friendly, you have it made. Negative people and negative experiences are small speed bumps in your otherwise happy existence.

• Don’t allow outside sources to determine your inner peace and happiness. You are the shot caller, not the rest of the world.

• Demeaning lectures serve no purpose. Nobody listens after the first two minutes. Help people untie the knots in their lives with compassion and love, not lectures.

• Quit worrying about what people think about you. Put your energy into your needs and desires, not theirs. It’s OK to give yourself undivided attention.

• The exact moment when someone loves you, you become worthy. That someone may be a person or a Higher Power. It doesn’t matter who loves you. It does matter that love makes you worthy.

• To those who sleep eight hours a day or in a dream world for 1/3 of their lives – don’t buy a cheap mattress.

• When your anxiety level is very high, it probably means you are making decisions for too many people and there is no time or energy for you. Tell the “others” to step up to the plate and make their own decisions.

• If I truly believe that your opinion or your truth is as important as my opinion or my truth, we will probably never have a single argument.

• Most of us spend way too much time and energy trying to fix people and trying to change them. We and they would be better off if we listen more carefully to them and offer more compassion and love to them. When we stop trying to fix people, we are finally grown up.

• Count your blessings when you start your day and pick up the newspaper in the driveway. You are able to walk. You can pick up the newspaper without falling over. You hear the birds singing, and you can see your neighbor walking his dog. You are able to read, and you live in a comfortable home … What a great way to start the day!

• If you enjoy a great marriage, you don’t have time for the past or the future. Your present is so good that the past and future disappear. Living for “right now” is the only way to go.

• Don’t look at any person with someone else’s eyes. Believe your eyes and not what someone else says. People who love to gossip have poisonous eyes. Seeing and reporting the negative world is the gossip’s hobby.

• “Misery loves company” is the world created by gossips. They are unhappy, and they don’t accept or believe in good news.

Bob Billingsley is an El Dorado Hills resident and biweekly columnist for the Mountain Democrat.

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