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Dear Mr. Ron Mikulaco “Mik”

Last Saturday at our Clarksville Day event several people came up to me and complained that you were aggressively campaigning and that they did not think it was at all appropriate. When someone pointed you out, I approached you and asked you to stop. I explained that it was not appropriate and it was our policy not to let anyone use the event for political campaigning. You said that you understood. I had hardly walked away when you started campaigning again. I called over to you “stop campaigning”  you acknowledged my comment. But later I saw you campaigning again. Does your word mean nothing to you?

By this time I was very disturbed at your total disregard and lack of respect for me and the policies of the historical society. With the help of our sponsors we put on Clarksville Day as a fun family event to let people know about the rich and colorful history of our area.

The kind of “in-your-face” campaigning you were conducting has no place at an event like Clarksville Day. Many people told me that they found it offensive. I would have thought that you would know better.

Betty January
Event chairperson
Clarksville Region Historical Society

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  1. I agree with Ms Betty January 100%, not only is the “in your face” campaigning offensive it shows how one conducts their business. Last week I was at my son’s open house at Jackson Elementary and “Mik” was campaigning there, I couldn’t belive it, just truly show what an inconsiderate individual this “Mik” guy really is.

  2. I agree with Ms Betty January 100%, not only is the “in your face” campaigning offensive it shows how one conducts their business. Last week I was at my son’s open house at Jackson Elementary and “Mik” was campaigning there, I couldn’t belive it, just truly shows what an inconsiderate individual this “Mik” guy really is.

  3. This is concerning, on one hand you have Mr. Knight who has voted for irresponsible development in his district and voted against the people, neighbors have had to band together and in some cases hire an attorney to stop reckless development that will ruin quality of life and cause very dangerous increases in traffic. Mr Knight also supports a high-density rezone and more infrastructure spending that could be billed to residents for decades as opposed by the people, Mr. Knight is the developer’s candidate as evidenced by his campaign contributions he is also a SACOG rep, the Agenda-21 Govt. planning group. Too bad a third candidate didn’t thorw a hat in the ring.

  4. Too Bad Knight is pushing a road project that is going to wipe out historic Clarksville and Mik is not even allowed to introduce himself to the community at a public forum. Is there not something in the constitution in regards to that? Something called freedom of speech?

  5. This is a strange letter. Candidates do usually attend these type of events. I have to conclude the writer is a supporter of Knight and Knight didn’t attend, as another writer suggests Knight is busy putting the underpass in through Clarksville and might not of been too popular in the area as he is not in most areas where people actually live who vote and have had to deal with Knight’s endless votes to approve dangerous developments in this area. Knight’s usual cronies are out of area developers. Knight needs a new line of work and we need change and it is time to vote and take a chance for change. Knight has shown us he is the developer’s candidate and not the resident’s.

  6. Ms. January,
    Thanks for broadcasting the presence of Ron Mikulaco “Mik” who at least was present at the Clarksville Region Historical Society Celebration. Where was the incumbent? Are you confusing Campaigning with community Interest? Sounds like Mik is the only one interested enough to express interest in “your community”

  7. Dear Betty , I’m sure your event could weather the storm of a candidate.
    But your in for a bumpy ride with the new update to the general plan. You’ll be lucky to find any historical site. There is the problem of someones” First Amendent Rights”.
    Just as you vocally support and try to protect the historic sites of El Dorado County, we all applaud your efforts and your “First Amendent Rights”.
    It might be a good idea for you to be following the “slice and dice” efforts of the development community in the update.
    If any residents saw what they are doing you would be shocked. The group of hand chosen people who took 2 years to mastermind the changes stand proud in their efforts.
    The rest of us plain citizens only get 45 days scope the changes. Does that seem fair to you? I personally asked the Board of Supervisors to allow the residents of the county to have the same 2years to make our recommendations for our county and I readily dismissed.
    It appeared to me they don’t want the residents to have time to really digest the changes. So the outcome will be ‘stack and pact” and “slice and dice” the county.

  8. Helpu Seethetruth

    You go Mik! Do whatever it takes to let the people of El Dorado Co. know – hope has arrived!

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