Celebrating Independence Day in El Dorado Hills


This year on July 3 I attended the Town Center Fireworks Jubilee with my Boy Scout troop. There were thousands of people at the celebration and it looked like they all had fun.

Independence Day, or Fourth of July, is a holiday that I think a lot of people misunderstand. For many it is just an excuse to have a party to celebrate without thinking about why we are celebrating.

For me the Fourth of July is a day to I think about our country, the U.S. flag and to honor those who gave their lives for freedom in all of the wars. I think of the national anthem and when I see fireworks I think about “the rocket’s red glare and the bombs bursting in air” and how hard we fought to be separate from England. Many kids my age think that Fourth of July is just a day to have fun but don’t stop to think: Why do we have Fourth of July? If we hadn’t have won that war against England we might still be under their rule.

My Boy Scout troop is Troop 465 and we are a new troop in El Dorado Hills. We are chartered by the El Dorado Hills Rotary Club. The troop and the Rotary Club serve together at different events. At the Fireworks Jubilee we sold flags, bottled water and glow sticks. As a troop we had a booth near the theater end of Town Center and we went out in teams selling glow sticks all over to people at the event. We ended up selling out of all the products we were selling. It was a good fundraiser for the troop and we provided some fun for the people who attended the event. The biggest thing is that we were having fun ourselves.

The fireworks show was great. We had a really good place to watch the fireworks from our booth. The fireworks were really loud and bright and lasted a long time. The best part for me was the grand finale. I love it when the fireworks all go off at once! When I was watching the fireworks, a thought occurred to me: It was that the fireworks represented the bombs bursting in air, like in the song “The Star Spangled Banner.”  And it made me think about the verse after all those bombs: “The flag was still there.”

The El Dorado Hills Fireworks Jubilee was a very fun and meaningful night. It gave me a chance to think about our country and our freedom. My troop did very well with our sales while having a lot of fun, but I think that the fireworks were outstanding and the best part of the night. The only bad part of the night was the parking and how long it took to get out of the parking lot after we cleaned up.

I hope that you will always remember why we celebrate the Fourth of July and the birth of our country and remember all those who made sacrifices so that we can be a free nation.

Cary Patterson
Troop 465

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