Check fixeid.org’s facts

Reporter Mike Roberts of El Dorado Hills Village Life characterized the fixeid.org web authors as watchdogs. The analogy is apt: They’re vicious and dangerous to both EID and its customers.

I’ve begun a new section on www.sierrafoot.org titled “What’s wrong with FIXEID.” The main part in terms of size of content is a reference section, slightly over half a gigabyte of reference in size. This collects documents that I’ve used to analyze EID’s business and to check many of FIXEID’s more than 200 claims of EID wrongdoing. It includes many of my own secondary analytical files, especially in the form of Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint files with embedded spreadsheets.

A major new section which will be growing by about one web page per day is review of individual FIXEID claims. The essence is that none that I’ve reviewed so far have been completely accurate and correct: They range from partially to completely wrong. FIXEID readers need to check it claims carefully: One large class of how it’s wrong is that it uses sparse selections of details and misinterprets them. Often the misinterpretation isn’t easy to diagnose as wrong because the claim refers to correct facts. At other times the factual claims are simply wrong. Threaded throughout is a level of animosity and ad Hominem prejudice that has been increasing to poisonous levels as time passes.

Further problems with FIXEID are this group’s lack of civility and its isolation. FIXEID has no process for public dialog, as do EID and other public agencies. The two FIXEID authors and their two most visible supporters have also refused to engage with me privately, while EID has continued to be entirely open and accessible. Sierrafoot’s web page on FIXEID People Problems includes a bullet list of the four major principles in my own standards of ethics for public advocacy; FIXEID repeatedly violates all of them.

I’ve also begun to reach well-informed contacts outside of EID independently, and so far all who know the issues agree: FIXEID is off course, while EID has a good record in handling the challenges of recent years. As time passes the new section on www.sierrafoot.org will document far more, including repair of problems visibly due to the General Manager who terminated four years ago.

My most important message is that anyone reading FIXEID needs to check what it says very carefully. The new sierrafoot.org content is intended to facilitate that checking.

Paul Raveling
El Dorado Hills

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