CSD board beware: Voters are watching


As a concerned El Dorado Hills resident I do not have the slightest idea of whom to believe or what to believe in this standoff with the El Dorado Hills Community Services District board and John Skeel, the recently hired CSD general manager, now on paid administrative leave going on close to five months. I do believe that John came here with good intentions of performing a job that he has lots of experience in doing and that the CSD board initially believed he could do.

Therefore, to make sense of all of this, I need to evaluate this from the 30,000-foot level because it’s not likely that I or the citizens of El Dorado Hills will ever know the full story.  Accordingly, I have to look to where “the buck stops” and to me that is with the CSD Board of Directors. Either the CSD board failed miserably in developing the “right” criteria and traits that are needed for the GM job and hired the wrong person for the position or they failed to hire the right candidate for the right criteria and traits they sought or they failed to support the right candidate with the right criteria and traits or they failed to follow appropriate employment practices for performance problems.

Either way, the CSD board failed the public in their handling of the general manager hiring. They should be held accountable for this embarrassing and costly debacle for El Dorado Hills and I believe voters will take heed at upcoming elections.

If they don’t get this situation cleared up quickly and, most likely even if they do, they will likely suffer a similar fate like our local El Dorado Irrigation District elected official. The residents of El Dorado Hills spoke loudly with an overwhelming majority voting in a new candidate to replace a two-term board member at this last election. The residents of El Dorado Hills may be too busy to understand who’s right and who’s wrong but in the end they speak volumes about who’s ultimately responsible.

Doug Hus
El Dorado Hills 

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  1. Regardless of what happens with Mr. Skeel. The CSD Board has handled the matter poorly. I believe the poor handling includes the decision to not renew the last GM, the search for a new GM, the hiring a new GM, the suspension of that new GM, and the slow and poorly managed re-instatement process. All these decisions were made by the CSD Board. The CSD Board is accountable for rectifying this to the voters. Doing nothing for five months is not performing your function. Even if the Board has a major case of buyer’s remorse, I believe it is in the best interest fo EDH to honor and fulfill the contract you made with Mr. Skeel. Perhaps, you will each have to work more and accept your decisions.
    I believe all board members but Wayne are taking money for the meetings to deal with issue you created. That’s like making a mess and then paying yourself to clean it up. Not cool.
    CSD Board please step up and lead our community out of this public nightmare. After all, you ran for office to SERVE the community.

  2. I agree with this post, yet I will also say that The Village Life (under the Mountain Democrat) is a poor source of factual information (they are highly swayed by politicians). Sadly this has made the task of undigging the truth that much harder.

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