Don’t be ridiculous, Mr. Publisher


Mr. Esposito,

What a ridiculous column you have written and published in the Village Life Sept. 28. I have never read such out of context, biassed views in a local newspaper from its publisher. Your column is totally out of order. You have cited one opinion piece in a journal. That would be like a journalism student citing your one personal view in your Publisher’s Ink column as support for a dissertation.

Yes, Michelle Obama is worried about the health of kids now — this is a generation that will likely die younger than the age their parents lived to. Yes, there were overweight kids around when I was a child too — maybe one in a class of students. Yes, people could eat badly then too, but now it is obvious that our appalling diet in this country is not just making kids overweight, it’s costing everyone many millions in health care costs from higher insurance premiums even for those fit and healthy people who do take care of themselves and their health.

The obesity problem is not something to be taken lightly — pardon the pun. To try to frighten people into thinking that the government is going to take away their kids if they feed them McDonald’s is simply inflammatory rubbish.

No, you are not a doctor. Yes, all students are still required to take  physical education. Yes, children with larger parents tend to be larger but we are not talking tall and well-built here. We are talking overweight, malnourished and dangerously unhealthy.

Your column is to be honest provocative and melodramatic. It would have been more helpful and informative to have written about ways to educate people about health and healthy eating. If you are concerned that parents are raising overweight kids, do something positive. Don’t take one article out of context and try to persuade the reader that this is the future. Democratic governments do not take away people’s children. Don’t be ridiculous.

Eleanor Thomas

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  1. Intelligent resident

    Mr. Esposito is a pathetic writer. A journalist he is not. As a human he is a waste of potential. His contribution to society is worthless. Do us a favor and stop wasting space that could be used to recognize goodness. If you must write, take the time and have the integrity to research what you memorialize for our future generations. You encourage hate. Proud of your accomplishments and contributions to the world in which we live? You have nothing to be proud of. You breed hate, you encourage bullying, you support group think, you add to the demise of our society.

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