Don’t use our taxes to build arena


Dear supervisors,

In today’s Sacramento Bee there is a report regarding the funding for the construction of Sacramento downtown arena using tax dollars. The reported statement made by Vice Chair of El Dorado County Board of Supervisors John Knight raised some concerns.

First, as always made clear by Mayor Johnson, building the arena at downtown rail yard is not just for basketball games. It is for the urban development and tax revenue generation for city of Sacramento.

Second, Mayor Johnson practically eliminated options to put the arena at any location other than the rail yard. Obviously he has his reason for the choice. But as to the folks outside of Sacramento, the rail yard is one of the worst choices. It’s a congested area in the city with a very limited freeway access and virtually impossible parking. And the city of Sacramento has killed all the efforts of traffic relief and made the downtown as unfriendly as possible to suburban residents. Also remember the “crash tax” ordinance to penalize drivers from out of town? Sacramento wants your money, not you.

Third, politicians double talk all the time. But if the arena construction is to be funded by the usage of facility, such as ticket, parking, etc., I don’t understand the statement of “being open and explore contributing to the project” as reported on the newspaper (page A14, Friday, July 15, 2011). What kind of contribution are we talking about here?

If the contribution is about the tax dollar from county revenue, I’m seriously questioning the Board of Supervisors’ priority. In October 2010, El Dorado County passed a budget cutting the operation of nearly every sector of county services. Now the board wants to open to the option of giving the public funds away to a socialist project in the most congested location in the region for the benefit of a city that doesn’t want see us. It’s difficult to comprehend.

We love Kings and enjoy the games. But for relocating the sport arena, we all know how much the headache in driving and finding a parking in 5th/I and J streets in the downtown area. To make situation worse, there is only a single lane to connect to I-5 from either I street or P street. How would a reasonable mind imagine the traffic on the game day?

If you ask if Mayor Johnson will ever allow the arena to be built in Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Elk Grove or West Sacramento? Never.

For those who followed the Kings stories, you know it’s Mayor Johnson personal ego and insistence in having the site at rail yard. It never appeared how Mayor Johnson was ever “open” and “explore” when thinking of people outside of city in the Great Sacramento, unless when the green back became a subject. Nonetheless, fundamentally, I don’t think it’s a fair use of public money for private corporation’s richness. As government never builds commercial complex for the sake of Intel or Google, let’s keep the government away from business, especially other people’s business.

Mason Liu
El Dorado Hills

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