EID water rates to surge another 49 percent


EID trivializes the new water rate hikes included in its just-sent Prop 218 Notice as just a few dollars.

But they do a great job hiding that the Prop 218 Notice includes a 15 percent increase for the average water user in 2012 (counting the 5 percent increase just implemented in January):

PLUS 11 percent in 2013
PLUS 11 percent in 2014
PLUS 5 percent in 2015

Altogether, this is a 49 percent compounded rate increase included in a Prop 218 notice that EID tries to portray as a minor rate increase.

And when you add these four more rate hikes to EID’s 35.7 percent water increase in 2010-2011, EID water that cost the average residential ratepayer $401 in March 2010 (for .60 acre feet usage), becomes water that will cost you $810 in January 2015 … a “whopping” 102 percent increase. In addition, EID gets property tax revenues that effectively add another $146 to what the average residential ratepayer is paying for EID water.

Obviously, EID management and board think its ratepayers are stupid and “fall” for all their PR hype on their website and in countless front page Mountain Democrat articles.

Meanwhile, EID refuses to cut overhead costs that have surged more than $10 million since 2002 … including such “essentials” as three PR people, five HR people, 11 IT people, two lawyers and 20 engineers. Also, don’t forget those per employee $18,500 medical plans, $12,800 pension contributions and up to 10 weeks paid time off annually.

On March 26 at 6 p.m. an EID’s Prop 218 rate hearing will be held at Cameron Park CSD. Come tell EID that if it wants another 49 percent of water rate increases they first need to cut 10 percent spending from their $43 million operating budget. Tell EID’s general manager and board to quit all their accounting gimmicks and deceptive PR games and slash their millions of dollars of grandiose spending “fluff.”

EID needs to start telling ratepayers “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” And then they need to put an ax to all their millions of dollars of wasteful spending.

For more of the “straight scoop” on EID FixEID.org.

Greg Prada
Cameron Park 

Short URL: http://www.villagelife.com/?p=17015

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