Enforce the gun laws we have

EDITOR: Rather than rushing through purposely-vague “gun control” laws, aimed at eventual confiscation, we must start with proper enforcement of current law — which isn’t happening.

VP Joe Biden, perhaps in a Freudian slip, recently said something significantly disturbing: “We need more gun laws, because we don’t have time to enforce the ones we have!”

Next, proceed with the idea of improving background checks, (yes, we already have them, but poorly-managed), listening very carefully to concerns of lawful gun owners, wary of the establishment of de facto ownership lists that would lead to easy confiscation.

Third, if Sidwell Friends School in Washington (where the Obama kids go) boasts 11 armed guards, plus a uniformed police officer, then surely, other schools certainly warrant at least one — not necessarily armed teachers — but dedicated security guards, with one mission. Protection.

Finally, since we are talking honestly here, make genuine improvements to the manner in which the severely mentally ill are monitored. In every recent case of a mass shooting, the perpetrator has been someone exhibiting noticeably aberrant behavior. Proper treatment and reporting of such a condition could have prevented any one of these tragedies.

These are all meaningful, effective steps, if we genuinely want to preclude such reoccurrences in the future. Isn’t that something worthy?

El Dorado Hills

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Posted by on Feb 3 2013.
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  1. Miro, your logic is right out of the NRA gun manufacturers guide book. The issue is availability; currently an estimated 2 1/2 million AR-15s are in circulation. What happens when there 6 or 8 million? The out-come is easy for the majority of people in our nation to understand: Even the best trained gun owner, experienced veteran and law enforcement offices won’t have a chance if someone wants to gun them down with an AR-15 type weapon. It’s called being OUTGUNNED, the very thing you want to be RAMBO types say that you don’t want to happen to you. So, RAMBO, where does it stop with increased availability? I can guess your answer, and it’s the same most gun advocates’ give, “it’s not my concern.”

  2. As a surgeon and as a grandparent, I have major disagreements with the NRA resolution against gun control. I am a proud American and a Vietnam Veteran; but I am truly ashamed of the toll that the unrestricted and irresponsible use of firearms has taken on innocent lives in this country. We have a right to drive motor vehicles (even though the Founding Fathers did not say so) , but we do not have the right to drive at 100 mph (or, in a school zone, even 50). I am withholding renewal of my NRA membership unless I see an amended resolution that takes into account the public health issue of firearm availability, loopholes on background checks and the enforcement of relevant laws affecting the safety of children and innocents.

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