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Before reading another word please understand that the El Dorado County General Plan has NO time limit, it will run as long as it takes to build the units required by the plan and by the state. El Dorado County’s state-approved growth rate is 1.03 percent. In other words, it may take 35 or more years to reach the housing numbers in the General Plan.

After reading the article of Oct. 9 regarding traffic and gridlock I found, what I call, discrediting testimony! First, let us all understand that Level of Service F means that traffic slows down to less than 53 mph for even one second. The Democrat’s Bill Center No Growth Group used a chart that showed LOS F for .56 percent of the total time analyzed for a total of nine months. CalTrans came back and said it was only a period of .36 percent of the time.

What does this all mean? If a deer is hit by an automobile and slows traffic to less than 53 mph then we are at LOS F, even if it is only for one minute. The 6,480 hours (nine months) analyzed by Center and CalTrans show only 23 hours of LOS F and the huge majority of the time LOS A is the standard for El Dorado Hills. Moving to LOS F even for one minute stops the approval of new construction and stops the economic development of El Dorado Hills.

Center’s group also states “There are no plans by CalTrans, SACOG or Folsom to widen Highway 50 beyond the current six lanes in the next 20 years.” He follows it with “Folsom is annexing 3,500 acres to build 10,000 homes* — without widening Highway 50.” What unmitigated gall.

First, he sucks in the reader with the widening issue as opposed to the improvement issue and the new highway issue. Let me explain, the new Silva Valley interchange (improvement) will take traffic off of El Dorado Hills Boulevard which is going to be metered (improvement) in a short period of time. Then we have the Elk Grove-El Dorado Hills Corridor (improvement) that will take traffic off of Highway 50 and then we have the opening of Saratoga Way (improvement) which will divert Folsom Lake College traffic and keep it on surface streets. Last, we have the five-year Capital Improvement Plans for both El Dorado County and Folsom which will address traffic mitigation on Highway 50 and, of course, the state of California has desires for Highway 50.

Steve Ferry
El Dorado Hills

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  1. Steve, you have your facts wrong, and it has us unnecessarily on opposite sides of the issue. LOS F is not based on simple speed; DENSITY is factored in. County staff allowed you to miss this point, but they are very well aware that the space between cars is important. Speak with Natalie at DOT. Additionally, every project you listed that is an improvement to 50 (the interchange, metering, the Silva Valley interchange, etc..) is included in Caltrans calculations of continuing LOS F through 2035. Bill Center is not a ‘bad guy’ in this; he is helping county residents to maintain the quality of life they very literally ‘voted’ for. The photos of HWY 50 impacted are not fake, and are not caused by construction, and if you had to sit in it for an hour every morning you would indeed care.
    The Caltrans letter can be found here:

    Please get your facts right. We are not the enemy; we are neighbors.

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