I want to see John Skeel back on the job

EDITOR: Presentation made to the El Dorado Hills Community Services District:

I am Evelyn Weick, vice president of the Senior Support Council and a voting citizen of El Dorado Hills.

I am speaking because I am so disgusted with you, this board, in the way I feel you are treating us, your voting citizens. Clear back on June 30 I wrote a letter and presented it to you with regard to our displeasure with you putting John Skeel on unplanned leave of absence. After much discussion with the community on Sept. 2, you stated you had unanimously reinstated John Skeel to his position as general manager. I don’t know whether you were just lying, trying to get the community off your back, of just do not know what the word “reinstated” actually means.

It is now eight weeks later and his picture has been removed and he has not returned to work. You have had numerous meetings to discuss his position and responsibilities, are you discussing them or are you playing a ruse, trying to undermine him until he resigns? Have you not persecuted him enough? It seems to me in eight weeks it is obvious you need to call in an outside, independent investigation to evaluate this entire situation, but then that might mean you will have to confront the error of your ways, or do you collectively as a board have no integrity?

You are certainly treating your voting citizens disrespectfully and there is no transparency in your proceedings. Or are you being paid, what is it, $100 a meeting and collecting yourselves a lot of money from your tax paying citizens? It is obvious you have not done anything constructive about putting him back to work. Eight weeks after unanimously reinstating him attests to that. Have you forgotten how he shown above all other applicants in that long hiring process? How long do you intend to play out this unreasonable or devious game you are playing?

I for one and many others of our community want to see John Skeel back on his job. We want to see you, the board, making determined decisions to work with him in a positive, responsible and intelligent manner. It is time to conclude this ruse so the board, the staff, all employees and the community can move forward with pride in our CSD, and Monday, Nov. 6, would be a good date to start that action.

Evelyn Weick
El Dorado Hills

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  1. Bass Lake Resident

    Well Said Evelyn,
    Memo to Board of Directors,
    Please learn what the following key words and phrases mean.
    Ethical, professional, applicable laws, highest integrity, credibility, excellence, eliminating waste and bureaucracy, taking individual and organizational ownership, responsibility for actions and results, being ethical and professional in all our dealings with our customers, integrity and excellence, mutual trust, respect and dignity, openness, sharing and honesty, empowerment and teamwork. These are all words and phrases that are in the district Mission Statement. Unfortunately, most of you on the board apparently do not embrace these values.
    Rumor is that Bill Vandergrift is a Lone Wolf on the Board of Directors.
    Advice to Bill V. Don’t let them drag you over the cliff with them.

  2. “Act in haste, repent at leisure” seems to be the CSD board motto. It sure didn’t take long to reach a decision to place Mr. Skeel on leave, make accusations, and assure the public that the “truth” was about to be unveiled. What followed was a failed kangaroo court which brought out management failings at the CSD which are not attributable to Mr. Skeel but to subordinates. Nice job.

    Now we’ve gone from a CSD that claimed to be so concerned about funding that it encouraged layoffs to one that seems to have unlimited funds at its disposal. Well-paid employees received weeks of paid leave and benefits for their efforts in locating a GM whom the board now holds in contempt. The CSD can pay for “voluntary” work to fill in for laid off employees, but can’t find funds for extra hours put in by employees to complete their tasks. They can’t afford to keep employees on the job, but can fork over $10,000 plus benefits per month to keep the GM away from his job. They have found hundreds of dollars lying around to pay for meeting after meeting by board members without results. Legal fees, we are told, are not an issue because the CSD Counsel works for a flat annual fee. Yeah, I’m sure!

    We have board members who report allegations about one employee as concrete facts in one instance, but treat allegations by numerous employees against another as vicious lies, misconceptions, maliciousness and rumors. One person, the GM, is placed on administrative leave for well over four months while “remediation” is contemplated. Another, against whom serious allegations have been lodged, and her supervisor and mentor, still report to work and fill in for the GM.

    Does any of this make sense? It sounds like a script for a comedy. How long does this continue? These are taxpayer dollars thrown to the four winds like confetti by a board elected to look after our interests.

    There’s one pending lawsuit that names the same characters in the eye of the storm as in the Skeel matter. There are rumors of others under consideration. Why aren’t some hard questions being asked of our board by the local press? Seems like somebody should be held accountable for all of this. We all need to wake up! I’m appalled at the lack of good reporting by our local papers! Seems like some questions would be asked by their reporters.

  3. Crown Village Resident

    Ian – you are justified in being angry. The monthly board meeting took place last night and not a single resident spoke up and very few showed up. John Skeel was not mentioned or on the agenda. Our tax dollars continue to be wasted and no one seems to care. The board does not want to fix the problem and doesn’t care about wasting money. Their fix seems to be ignore the Skeel problem and bring in some part time leadership to do their bidding and hope the public continues to let them get away with it. They need to clean up their management house and start over by bringing in some full time dedicated management staff and bring Skeel back and let him do what he was hired to do. We all know that money is not an issue at the rate they are wasting it in the current scenario. Skeel was set up to fail and sabotaged by his subordinates from the start. If the board chooses to back him he will succeed. If they don’t and continue down their current path of do nothing then it won’t matter how many “volunteers” or part time leaders they bring in. I was at the “Kangaroo Court” hearing and it was very apparent that the frontline employees strongly supported Skeel. Why does the board continue to back the 2 employees that created this mess and dismiss the other 99 percent of the employees and the public? Maybe it’s time for an occupy community park movement.

    • is there anybody out there?

      I was at the meeting on Thursday. it seems that the community does not care. How sad. Board wins until next November I guess.

      • Crown Village Resident

        The taxpayers and community lose. Services and long term planning are lacking. Employees have no trust or direction with the board apparently running the show and refusing to hire full time directors.

        This isn’t over! Lawsuits and grand jury investigations are underway. How many tax dollars need to be wasted before the residents of El Dorado Hills care? Demand this board be recalled or do what they were elected to do. Come to board meetings and ask why? Wasn’t the GM Skeel reinstated months ago? Why is he still sitting at home making $10,000 a month plus benefits and nobody seems to care? I don’t like my taxes being wasted. Let’s not let the board get away with this!

  4. EDH Resident that Votes

    Board members need to speak out individually or face being lumped together as one big bad barrel of apples. We elected them as individuals not as a group and so far the CSD directors appear to be united at the hip from their actions and they ALL deserve to be recalled.

    Attending the board meeting is not necessary to initiate recall proceedings and to file grand jury complaints for investigations. Most of us have decided we don’t want to take anymore precious time away from our families to have a front row seat in the CSD “Kangaroo Court” proceedings, this is why many in my neighborhood in EDH don’t show up anymore. Our efforts are better served doing other things.

    If there is a “lone wolf” in Billy V or any other director they need to speak out and stop hiding behind the board room so that he/she are not lumped in with the bad apples. Right now every board member has failed until they step up, speak out and take action to show voters otherwise.

    We voted them in easy enough and it is easy enough to vote them and their nonsense out!Those using this board position as a stepping stone to further their careers in public office best be thinking of a new career because this nonsense will be hard to forget at the polls. EID election is just the beginning.

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