Judges should tell the truth


When a lawyer states, “I have appeared before the CA and U.S. Supreme Courts,” people reasonably interpret this statement as meaning that the attorney has argued cases in person before the justices of the Supreme Courts. Most people do not think that submitting a document for filing “technically” constitutes an appearance before the court.

Throughout his campaign Judge Stracener has misled the public in boasting he has appeared before the CA and U.S. Supreme Courts. He continues to assert this achievement in his campaign literature despite being publicly criticized for his “calculated misrepresentation.” According to all news articles I have read, Judge Stracener has NEVER personally argued a case before the CA or U.S. Supreme Courts but has “filed” legal documents.

Had Judge Stracener argued cases in person before these justices it would be quite an achievement and honor. His “technical” appearances by merely filing legal documents is not all that remarkable, especially when one considers that thousands of inmates and lawyers have also “technically” appeared before the CA and U.S. Supreme Courts as they too have filed writs or legal documents that were denied by the justices without a hearing.

When witnesses are sworn to testify, they take an oath to “tell the truth and nothing but the truth.” It would seem to me that a judge should be held to the same if not a higher standard in stating the whole truth.

I have lived in El Dorado County for 45 years and have attended sessions of our local court hundreds of times while previously serving our community as a police officer and then as a deputy probation officer. I have always been highly impressed with our local judiciary until recently. Judge Stracener’s ongoing intentional misrepresentation sets a very poor example to the juveniles he presides over and the public he purports to serve.

Joe Hoffman has been an attorney in our community for the last 18 years, and has also served in the capacity as judge pro tem (a temporary judge). He is the only non-incumbent local judicial candidate that I can ever recall being endorsed by local judges. In addition, Joe Hoffman alone is endorsed by local prosecutors, deputy sheriffs and court clerks. Many members of the local bar association also support his candidacy.

Please join us in casting a vote for Joe Hoffman.

Laurie Edwards
Cameron Park

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  1. I’m proud to say that I support Judge Warren Curt Stracener 100% because he is a powerful presence who champions for the welfare of the weakest in our society while strictly enforcing the laws of our upcoming young adults always bearing in mind that once upon a time we were once teenagers not yet possessed of the common sense intellect that comes with maturity. His background as a teacher in both the high school and college level demonstrates his passion to help young people further their lives in a better way through education, respect and encouragement.

    Now Judge Stracener’s life-long ambition of helping our young people has come full circle in his appointment to the Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency law involving child abuse, neglect, juvenile crimes and substance abuse. His intense scrutiny of all the cases that come…before him is a testament to his vast knowledge of our complicated legal system but mostly to his desire to help our young as they navigate their way through the rough terrain that is called childhood. He also holds an impressive resume for his time spent as a private sector litigator as well as in the public sector where he was senior litigator and legal advisor with the CA Department of Personnel Administration.

    I could go on and on about his credentials but I won’t, (thank God you say – lol) so I’ll end by asking you to consider helping Judge Stracener through your donations, any amount would be greatly appreciated, or your time, to help spread the word, and/or your vote so we can keep a good man doing good things for our community on the bench and know that if one unfortunate day we find ourselves in front of him, we can be rest assured that justice will be fair and impartial and robed with respect.

    If you are unsure about his credentials or his positions, you can also log onto his website, http://www.judgestracener.com.

  2. This EDH mom fully supports Joe Hoffman. His legal presence speak for itself. His commitment to community is second to none. You cannot find a better person for the job.

  3. Gosh….maybe ATTORNEY’s running for judge should also tell the truth. But when the team get’s desperate….the despicable campaigning comes out. Good luck…you’re gonna need it!

  4. Remember when voting that Hoffman was connected to former EDH resident Daniel Chartraw the guy who used Hoffman as a pawn in his stealing schemes it appears to me. Hoffman has so far not told the story of what his involvement was and his writing a letter that appears to have helped Chartraw scam investors. Chartraw was arrested in Mexico and the money is missing. These facts documented by the Bee anbd other sources cast a pall over Hoffman and to me are a good reason not to vote for Hoffman.

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