Lets move on and address EID’s issues


Thank you for your commentary. Yes, it is a ‘new Day’ for EID. The voters of Division 5 issued a referendum on the status quo of EID, they aren’t happy with it. It is my intention to represent the concerns of my constituents: reducing EID costs, stopping the excess spending, getting a handle on excess rate increases and speaking for the families of El Dorado Hills.

I must clarify a false claim made by my opponent that I “missed debates.” After both of us had scheduling issues, there was only one debate scheduled. I participated, and obviously had a message that overwhelmingly resonated with the voters of El Dorado Hills.

Yes, I declined the Mountain Democrat Editorial Board invitation. For the simple reason one goes before an editorial board when seeking an endorsement. I chose not to play that game with the Mountain Democrat since the bias in favor of the incumbents was shown early and often.

Let’s move forward, the election is over and the message from the voters is clear: EID needs to reduce costs, lower spending and stop raising our rates and EID bills.

Alan Day
EID Director Elect

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Posted by on Nov 14 2011.
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  1. Yes Mr. Day, let’s move on. Hopefully as Director for EID Division 5 – you will now be able to educate yourself about how EID really works and help the ratepayers in the section you represent. I hear you’re going to be getting an extensive education by EID managers by taking tours of EID facilities and learning the finer details of how a good utility agency is run. Let’s hope it sinks in.

    You’re previous printed comments, (paraphrasing) – lamenting the costs of water rates, being that that we are so close to water sources here in the Sierras really showed your lack of understanding. You’re free to drink out of untreated lakes and streams if you want,…

    So please educate yourself. Recently it’s been clear you don’t know much about EID and you’ve inspiring no confidence in leadership by making blanket statements of fiscal irresponsibility.

    Hopefully that will change.

  2. As a member of the 60.81% that voted Alan Day in we are looking forward to a new “Day”!

    Sorry to the sore loser who posted. 60.81% that is the majority Sir.

    EDH CSD you are next! As the old saying goes “shape up or ship out” and I am not a Navy man but do support our troops.

  3. Dear Member of 60.81%,

    I’m not necessarily against Mr. Day Sir. I like many people benefiting from EID are leery of someone who claims to have the answers to change things, but doesn’t know the utility business itself.

    If Mr. Day can improve on things, that’s great. I was simply stating a fact that even Mr. Day recognizes, which is that he has a big learning curve concerning EID and how it’s run. If he can be a force for good, fantastic.

    Remember, just because the majority (60.81%) believe something to be true – doesn’t make it true.

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