Let’s re-elect Harry


I have spoken with both candidates for the El Dorado Irrigation District board for the district that includes El Dorado Hills. I would suggest that any of you who are having a hard time making up your mind just analyze the background of the two candidates running.

Harry Norris is so far ahead of the other candidate in understanding the issues that the other candidate won’t even debate Harry. When I interviewed him, Mr. Day, he could only complain about issues and had no understanding of the cause or the solutions.

We do not need someone who hides from the issues. Harry Norris has faced all the tough issues and has done and will do a great job as a member of the board of the El Dorado Irrigation District.

Stephen J. Ferry
El Dorado Hills

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  1. Mr. Ferry. I too have spoken to both candidates, in my case I have spent several dozen meetings with Harry and have literally one hundred e-mail exchanges with Harry over the past two years. I also served on EID’s Cost of Services panel (the only member who attended every one, including the workshops) and have attended most EID Board meetings over the past two years. I don’t recall seeing you at any of these.

    Until this campaign, I always knew Harry as a likeable guy…but one who always is far too quick to defend Management, who inadequately understands the numbers at EID, and who certainly does not give first concern to ratepayers when making financial decisions. For example, twice this year, Harry voted for million dollar “give-aways” of ratepayer moneys to Developers.

    Alan Day has been a breath of fresh air. He will challenge EID Management…he won’t “rubber-stamp” every budget, he won’t tolerate EID’s ever-deceptive press releases…he will spend ratepayer moneys as if they are his own…not the moneys of EID cronies.

    So toss aside your blind allegiance to Harry and his EID cronies. Do what’s right for EID ratepayers and vote for fiscal responsibility and positive change…vote for Alan Day on November 8th.

  2. Look who is giving to Harry!

    The El Dorado Chamber, the Sacramento Chamber and Serrano LLC are Harry’s biggest campaign contributors.

    Is there any link to Serrano LLC’s giving to Harry and EID’s $1.2 million “give-away” to Serrano LLC at the August 23rd EID Board meeting? And what about those Chambers?

    “ratepayers for norris” is a “catchy” website name …but it would be far more “apt” to be named “developers & chambers for norris”.

  3. Greg,

    For clarification purposes it is the El Dorado “COUNTY” Chamber of Commerce PAC that is endorsing Harry Norris. The El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce does not endorse political candidates.


    Debbie Manning
    President & CEO
    El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce

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