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Just as Bob Dylan sang some years ago, “You don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows!” so today you don’t need full-page ads paid for by chambers of commerce, real estate developers or San Francisco speculators to persuade you that the gridlock traffic you experience on Highway 50 isn’t really all that bad. Don’t be fooled.

If you’re stuck in traffic, heading east or west on Highway 50, you know that El Dorado County’s General Plan governing residential development needs help. And help is on the way: with your signature on the Rural Communities United  Initiative petition El Dorado County’s rural quality of life will be preserved, for now and for future generations.

Is the initiative anti-growth? Not a chance. It embraces job creation, just not more high-density residential development and traffic.

Strips local control over planning? Hardly. Speculators from the Bay Area are not local, nor is their money.

Transfers power to state, bypassing local control? Too ironic to mention: the initiative was launched and supported by local residents, who experience the calamity that Highway 50 has become daily.

If you’re standing in the rain, getting drenched, you don’t need a weatherman or a chambers of commerce to convince you that it’s really sunny outside. Without the initiative at least 17,000 new homes will be built throughout Cameron Park, Shingle Springs and El Dorado Hills. By the county’s estimate these homes will generate about 170,000 additional daily road trips on existing El Dorado County roadways, including Highway 50. If you’re stuck in traffic today you know that the county is and has been headed in the wrong direction for some time.

The RCU initiative simply requires that the county shall not approve single-family detached housing subdivisions of five or more parcels until Highway 50 is improved and gridlock eliminated.

Don’t be fooled. Join your neighbors throughout the county and sign the petitions to ensure that the initiative gets on the Nov 4 ballot. Your signature and your vote will preserve El Dorado County’s coveted rural quality of life, today … and for future generations. We don’t need to become a Bay Area or L.A. You have a choice.

For more information visit the RCU website: ruralcommunitiesunited.com.

Bill Welty
El Dorado Hills

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