Surprised by EID water/sewer rates

I moved to El Dorado County in June, and like to follow Letters to the Editor in my local paper. So I was aware of some controversy regarding the EID and water rates, from the point of view both of its critics and its defenders. But nothing hit home like opening my first water/sewer bill for nearly $300 for two months.

Whatever the complicated rationale for such a bill in a one-person household using recycled water for the lawns, it doesn’t answer the basic question — how do people of moderate means manage this?

Carrie Braverman
El Dorado Hills

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Posted by on Aug 23 2012.
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  1. Hi Carrie. Being a tax payer and a rate payer in EDH is difficult for a lot of people. You ask an excellent question. Several years ago, EID put out a notice to the rate payers indicating they would be raising rates by 85% over 5 years. It hasn’t even been 5 years and last year they sent out a notice that rates would need to go up again – for some rate payers, but not others) They did provide an opportunity to respond, but I don’t know that it would have mattered much. The explanation was basically that EID had built necessary (and very expensive) infrastructure that someone had to pay for (the rate payers – which would be us, of course) because EID had produced revenue projections based on development that never came to fruition. Therefore, the rate payers wound up holding the bag. The board of EID is an elected board. I can only suggest that people attend the EID board meetings and pay attention to how they are performing and remember it clearly when it’s time to vote for them. Letters to EID in the interim, may have an impact if they hear from enough of us, and on a regular basis. We have to band together and get involved! Having a community presence at their meetings might alert them to the fact we are paying attention and are not too pleased. This is what we need to do with all of our local governments and utilities. We have to get involved, show up and provide our feedback or the local governments and utilities will continue to be out of control. We are all going broke and this has to stop! Personally, I have decided to get more involved by running for the EDH CSD. Six of us are running for two seats in November. I also attend a lot of meetings to let our elected officials know that some of us are actually paying attention! My website is: www. TerryForEDHCSD.com and you may reach me at [email protected]. I would love to talk with and any other concerned citizen. Thank you for your time!

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