To the EDH community

These past few months have been very difficult on the El Dorado Hills Community Services District, our community and the families involved. As part of a family who has lived in and served the El Dorado Hills community for the past 41 years it breaks my heart to know that I have been part of such a difficult period in our history.

I apologize to the community and the Skeel family for the length of time and clumsy nature in which it took us to make our decision. Could this have been handled better by all involved? I believe, yes. Hindsight is always 20-20, and if we had this to do all over again I bet each of us may have done some things differently. That being said, I stand by the decision we made as a board as the right one for the district and our community.

I will work with my fellow board members to begin to heal the district and move us forward in a positive direction. I have listened to the concerns raised, and I am asking my fellow board members to bring in an outside consultant to review the district’s management practices.

Additionally, I have heard the cry for leadership and lack of trust in the current management so I am urging the board to hire an interim GM and interim parks director. I also, believe we need to use a professional recruiter when seeking out our permanent GM. I will be asking my fellow board members to conduct final phase interviews with candidates in an open public meeting. Finally, I will be asking my fellow board members to seek requests for proposals for new general legal counsel for the district.

Please know that I take my responsibility to serve as your representative on the CSD board seriously and will continue to work on your behalf.

Noelle Mattock
CSD director
El Dorado Hills

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  1. Thank you Noelle for your honesty and for all that you do for our community. You truly have the best interest of El Dorado Hills in all decisions that you make. You tirelessly support so many groups, businesses and organizations and are and have always been a visible leader in this community. I applaud you for your cander and I look forward to what is ahead for our EDHCSD.

  2. Concerned EDH Citizen

    We, the public, deserve to hear ALL of what went into the decision to fire Mr. Skeel. I hope for our community’s sake it’s more than the inability of a half-dozen adults to play well together and that was some egregious failure of duty on Mr. Skeel’s part. A letter to the editor doesn’t cut it.

    Having attended the public “hearing,” it wasn’t obvious Mr. Skeel deserved to be put on leave, much less fired. The lack of unanimity in the board’s decision to fire him is a big red flag.

    New general counsel is a must – most importantly because your current counsel is soon to become party to a wrongful termination suit and will be unable to defend the CSD in the same suit.

    A consultant? Who’s paying for that? The job isn’t that complicated. If you don’t have proper practices in place by now, you ALL should be fired, not just Mr. Skeel.

    Public interviews would be ridiculous. What, are we going to elect the GM? Do your job! We’ve had enough of the circus. If the board members can’t do the job you were elected to do, please don’t run for re-election, better yet, resign now so we can move forward with competence.

    I didn’t have a horse in this race, but as a tax-payer and resident of the district, I have been completely underwhelmed by both the process and the players.

  3. Ha! Did you clear any of your suggestions with the HR manager first?

  4. Are you kidding us? You’ve just taken a large part in the most inept, almost-criminal process of managing a special district that many of us have ever seen, and you think a letter asking us to hold hands and spend more money on an outside consultant, will solve this? What, no call for open therapy for all who were affected?

    Please Ms. Mattock, and the other 3 directors, and Ms. Lowry, do us a favor, and find another geographical area to plunder.

  5. Concerned Resident

    Please attend the EDH CSD Board of DIrectors Meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 6:00 PM in the Parks Conference Room. The topic of discussion is the appointment of the Interim General Manager.

    Let your voice be heard!

  6. Ms. Mattock, Your actions will not be forgotten. Your lack of integrity is appalling. You apologized to the community and Mr. Skeel’s family for “the time and clumsy nature in which it took us to make our decision.” You probably are very sorry the issue became public and took so long to remove Mr. Skeel. You have ulterior motives in offering an apology. (Threat of a recall may have initiated your urge to apologize.)

    You did not apologize for your actions. You did not personally take ownership or responsibility for anything. You only apologized for circumstance that included you as a board member (us, all involved, we). Congratulations, you are a politician.

    Of course “it breaks your heart” for being a part of this. This will taint your political career.

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