Want to save money? Talk to your pharmacist

By Heather Gregory, R.Ph.

In the midst of national discussion about the high cost of health care in America something as simple as talking to your local pharmacist can help you find ways to save on your everyday healthcare costs.

Licensed pharmacists are always available to support the community with health and wellness solutions, quick personal assistance and low prices on the medications patients need. We can answer any health questions you have and provide useful ways to cut back on costs and save you money.

Here are a few examples:

Generic medications
It is estimated that generic drugs have saved consumers hundreds of billions of dollars.* Generic medications are just as effective as the branded alternatives. The big difference — they usually cost a whole lot less! Your pharmacist can help advise regarding what generic medicine may be an option for you.

Free health screenings
Your pharmacist can also advise you about free health screenings available in your community. How does this save you money? Lab prices are costly and a free screening helps you avoid those costs. Additionally, health screenings are an important part of early detection, so consumers can address any potential health risks early when treatment is most effective (and less expensive) — or even preventable altogether.

Free “brown bag” medicine check-ups
Are you spending more money on medications then you need to? Prescription drugs can be complicated. If you take them incorrectly or in combination with the wrong supplements they could be ineffective and, in some cases, the combinations could be harmful. Some pharmacists will be happy to offer a free “brown bag” medicine check-up.

It’s called this because we ask patients to literally bring a “brown bag” to the pharmacy with all of their prescription drugs, supplements and over-the-counter medicines. Pharmacists will check for interactions and advise if there may be any adverse reactions so you can be healthier and save money by getting the most out of your daily prescriptions.

And of course, pharmacists understand all the health products available for purchase in the pharmacy area. We can offer advice on which ones are most effective and least costly.

As health care professionals, pharmacists are always happy to help you find ways to save money while staying healthy.

Heather Gregory, R.Ph., is a licensed pharmacist at Sam’s Club on Iron Point Road in Folsom. She can be reached at (916) 817-8960, or simply stop by the club to meet her. For more information visit samsclub.com/pharmacy.

*IMS Health Study, September 2011


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