Caffeine addict in disguise: Olympus Caffe has the perfect recipe


How rare is it to sit down, be pampered, have a truly exemplary cup of coffee and have the owner of the shop himself treat you with gratitude and respect?

It’s pretty rare, I think you’ll agree.

Such a place exists, and it is called Olympus Caffe, located in Town Center in El Dorado Hills. A fellow by the name of Jorge Gocobachi is the owner and here is his story.

Jorge grew up in Sonora, Mexico, where it was a tradition (at least in his household) to roast your own coffee beans. He started when he was 8 years old, and has been doing it with pride and joy ever since. He has been a barista in Marin County, worked for Peet’s Coffee (corporate office) and is a chemical engineer by trade. He really got into coffee back in the 1980s when he opened the first Olympus Caffe in Sonora. He came to visit El Dorado Hills, fell in love with the town and opened this location a little more than a year ago.

The shop itself is a cozy and inviting, with antique coffee grinders nestled in “nooks” and some really beautiful local art lining the walls. It’s a great marriage of art and product. I’ve been there a few times now and it’s always hopping. Locals are lounging, working on their laptops and enjoying their particular brew with contented smiles on their faces. The service is quick (average: 250 cups of coffee an hour); the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The particular brew I enjoyed on my visit was a blend of Brazil, Java, Ethiopian, Oaxaca and Guatemalan beans, and it was delicious!

Everyone seems to know Jorge, and Jorge seems to know everyone. He has regulars who come as far away as Sacramento to enjoy the coffee and the atmosphere.

The donuts: I’ve got to talk a little about the donuts! Jorge has this cool custom donut machine that cranks out tiny 2-inch donuts that are pure heaven. He sat down with me and gave me two dishes that contain homemade dipping sauces for the donuts: white chocolate and caramel. They are the perfect complement to the donuts, which are fried in soy oil and are not  at all greasy.

Olympus Caffe serves food as well, and will expand its list of delectable items shortly. Right now fruit cups, sandwiches and a host of pastries are on the menu. The new menu will be organic, based on selections from local farmers markets and include vegetarian choices, meat based choices and different types of custom salads. If my word is not enough here are some reviews from the Internet:

“The customer service is unlike commercial locations; it’s personable and reminds me of my visits to Europe. El Dorado Hills is also my neighborhood and it’s refreshing to have a truly quality cafe to have in such a small quiet city.”

“The gentleman behind the counter is the owner and he has always been super friendly to me!! Please go in and see for yourself. He made me the BEST iced tea the other day!”

“I’m definitely not a coffee snob, but I know what good coffee is supposed to taste like. Olympus Caffe is all about espresso, and it is delicious!”

As we are talking Jorge spots a woman with her hands full of coffee mugs heading towards the door; he excuses himself from our interview, rushes to the door and holds it open for her.

“Thank you, Jorge!”, she says. “Of course, Diane” he says.

It’s these little things that make all the difference in the world and one of about a thousand reasons why you should give Olympus Caffe a try.

Olympus Caffe is located at 4364 Towne Center Blvd., El Dorado Hills.

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