One Way Productions presents a tale about integrity, honor and sword-fighting

King Arthur (John Beach) strongly reacts upon hearing the news that Guinevere (Krista Mackin) has banished his best friend, Sir Gawaine (Dyson Hanson), not pictured, in  "Quest For Honor." Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene
King Arthur (John Beach) strongly reacts upon hearing the news that Guinevere (Krista Mackin) has banished his best friend, Sir Gawaine (Dyson Hanson), not pictured, in "Quest For Honor." Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

Knights in shining armor duel, pledge their loyalty and fight for honor and goodness in an inspiring and musical rendition of Howard Pyle’s classic King Arthur story — “A Quest for Honor.”

Director Ingrid Laurentiis-Wilson with One Way Productions brings the Knights of the Round Table with all their gallantry and virtue to Three Stages at Folsom Lake College this summer.

The play incorporates classic characters King Arthur, Guinevere and Sir Gawaine as well as a host of others in a tale about friendship and loyalty. King Arthur and Sir Gawaine are willing to die for each other, but many challenges arise to test this loyalty. The two must save each other’s lives even if it means potential harm to themselves. Guinevere faces problems of a different sort: waiting for true love, though everyone around her doubts it will ever show up. An exciting plot twist and a talented young cast ensure that the whole family will be enchanted by the performance.

“My goal with the cast has always been to expose them and the community to great literature in a fun way that has morals,” Laurentiis-Wilson said. The characters are “good examples for the cast,” she explained, “characters that they can model, characters with integrity.”

Last year One Way Productions staged an adaptation of the Biblical story of Esther at Three Stages. The play was extremely popular and all eight performances sold out. Laurentiis-Wilson said she hopes this production will receive a similar response.

“I love the music, I love the integrity of the good characters and I love the surprise,” she said. “The language is beautiful.”

John Beach, a 21-year-old from Sacramento, plays King Arthur. His favorite part of the production has been “working with all these talented actors, it’s been fantastic.” Beach describes his character as “a boy who was forced to become king, and more responsible. He hasn’t quite reached that (point) yet.” Throughout the play Arthur struggles with his duties and his friends, striving to be loyal to both.

Guinevere, played by Krista Mackin, a 19-year-old from El Dorado Hills, is also a complex character. “She’s spoiled and used to having her own way. Her dad is trying to get her to marry but she really wants to marry for love so there’s a conflict. She lashes out at people a lot; she’s stressed out. She’s waiting for someone to save her and nobody’s coming. Then King Arthur shows up,” Krista explained.

Makayla Zachar, 14, playing the Lady of the Lake, and Dyson Hanson, 19, playing Sir Gawaine, both said they enjoy the social aspect of the production. “I like working with the people. The cast, they’re all great, talented and fun people to work with,” Hanson said.

For many of the cast, including Makayla, this is their first big production. “I’m really glad I got this part, so this is a first … acting is one of my favorite things to do, and I also like singing,” Makayla said.

Laurentiis-Wilson said she hopes the audience will come away with the message that “having good values will pay off. Doing what is right no matter what the cost.”

The play will be performed at Three Stages’ City Studio Theater  June 8-14. For more information about the production and to purchase tickets visit threestages.net.

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