Stars come out June 1 for special premier

Louis Mandylor, actor in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Friends” and “CSI NY,” will appear at a special event in El Dorado Hills on Saturday, June 1.

The actor will take a break from filming “Blood on the Border” in North Carolina to attend a premier of his latest film, which he starred in and directed. “In The Eyes of a Killer” is a thriller/mystery that was filmed and produced locally in Sacramento and surrounding areas. The film stars Mandylor, Gwendolyn Edwards (“The Last Confederate”), Costas Mandylor (The “Saw” franchise), James Marshall (“A Few Good Men”), Sherry Weston (“Big Bang Theory”) and local character actor Nick Fenske (MTV’s “Celebrity Deathmatch”).

Mandylor will also be sneak peeking his own project, “Elwood”, which he created, wrote and produced. This cutting edge project stars “Sons of Anarchy’s” Ron Perlman.

Mandylor said he loves the whole process of making movies; from the script to the theaters, he’s all in and a visionary to the craft. Writer/Producer Mamie Jean Calvert and assorted cast and crew members will also attend.

The screening will be an intimate viewing experience at 5 Star Multimedia Studios, 5009 Windplay Drive in El Dorado Hills, as well unique behind the scenes look from the gifted actor. With less than 100 seats available for screening, a studio spokesperson encourages movie goers/event goers to reserve their seats early. Guests will be able to learn more about movie production, ask questions of Mandylor and the rest of the cast and crew present.  There will also be an opportunity to “meet and greet” before the movie showing at 5 Star Multimedia Studio in El Dorado Hills and then immediately following showing at Reunion Nightclub in El Dorado Hills Town Center.

“We look forward to and encourage the film industry to look to El Dorado Hill’s as a viable spot to film projects” said Onyx Pike, with 5 Star Multimedia Studio and co-sponsor of the series.

Calvert is also a co-sponsor of this event. Her producing credits include, “The Magic Of Christmas,” “The Magic Of Christmas II,” as well as being a Producer on “Tony The Tiger Lopez: Fugitive Recovery Agent” Reality TV Show, which stars, 3-Time World Champion, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez. When Calvert is not producing or writing her own projects, she spends time mentoring upcoming artist and writers. “Don’t ask me to read your script unless you have tough skin,” Calvert said. Her honesty and encouragement have helped the careers of many people and she said she loves giving back to the industry she loves.

Another co-sponsor of the event is actor/voiceover actor Nick Fenske, who currently resides in El Dorado County. Fenske’s movie credits include “The Rookie,” Joe Carnahan’s “Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane” and Matt Thompson’s “Bloodline.” His vocal credits include  MTV’s “Celebrity Deathmatch”, as well as being the voice of the “Winchester Mystery House” Audio Guided Tour.

For ticket and event information visit 5StarMultimedia.com/mandylor.

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